Saturday, February 14, 2015

an exercise in gratitude

For those of you who live under a rock -- or in a place that is not perpetual winter -- Boston has been getting SLAMMED by blizzard after blizzard after blizzard after, yep, you guessed it BLIZZARD. The current storm system will drop another foot or so of snow, and that's on top of the 70 inches that we've gotten over the last three storms. I'm sure you can look on the internet to see pictures of the insanely high snow piles or reports about the embarrassing hilarity that is our public transportation system right now, so I won't go into too much detail about that. Long story short: life has been pretty miserable across the board.

The weather has really been wearing on me, on everyone. I made a conscious effort to be cheerful, and to put positive energy out into the universe (hippy dippy much?). I shoveled out a total stranger's car and as a result landed a free lunch at a nearby restaurant, and even made friends with the manager. Said stranger is also making me some baked goods as a thank you -- it was pretty much winning all around. 

I was in a pretty good mood on Wednesday morning as I started my day. I woke up early for bootcamp, went to my favorite coffee joint and made my way to the office to check in on an event that had almost been canceled due to the third blizzard. I came up on a intersection with a HUGE snowbank so I made sure to carefully inch out to try to clear the obstruction. Inched, inched, inched and then eventually I had to commit because I was pretty much in the middle of the road. I went and within a second or two, I saw a car coming on my right. All of a sudden -- CRASH -- I had collided with another car. 

I was in another car accident back in November 2013 -- a gentleman looked down to make a phone call and didn't realize that there was a red light in front of him. Between him and the stop light was my car, at a dead stop. He hit my car going about 25 mph (maybe more?) and pushed me across the intersection. Luckily neither j2 nor I was injured, but it was terrifying. The difference between the accidents was that I saw the most recent one coming. Since I had made it into the middle of the intersection, I saw the car approaching (too late) out of the corner of my eye just before the impact. Even though neither of us was going very fast, I was still very shaken up. 

Here's my beautiful, 15 month old, less than 11k miles on the odometer, still unnamed car:

not quite visible is the car leaking windshield wiper fluid and the flat tire. womp womp.
I could go on and on with a list of complaints and negatives about that day, and the stress that has followed. But, as the post title says, this is an exercise in gratitude. I am focusing on the positives, which I do believe far outweigh the negatives. Here is what I am thankful for following the accident:
  • I wasn't injured, and neither was the other driver.
  • The other driver is seriously one of the nicest people I've EVER met. She was calm in the aftermath, and it kept me totally collected while dealing with the police. Her boyfriend even drove me home after the accident so that I wouldn't have to take a cab. How often does that happen?!
  • j2 had happened to be home sick on Wednesday, so when I walked through the door, he was there to comfort me
  • I have a great insurance policy with collision coverage, and covers the cost of a rental so I had a vehicle within 24 hours of the accident
  • My friends and family are amazing -- I received so many calls, texts, and Facebook messages from everyone wishing me well and offering help if needed. 
  • My boss and coworkers were beyond sweet and supportive -- I was out on Wednesday, and then worked remotely on Thursday and received emails and texts from pretty much every person in the office wishing me well and asking if I needed rides to work, or if I needed any help on projects while I was out.
And the most important thing that I keep repeating to myself:
  • It could have been worse.

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