Friday, January 16, 2015

hello, moneypenny

Once upon a Halloween, five years ago, I was dressed up as the Travelocity gnome. At some point during the party, I started to sneeze and assumed that I was allergic to my beard (duh). I ended up sleeping in the host's guest room on a pillow that was mostly used by the three cats who lived there. This resulted in an almost-closed throat and hives all over my neck. Yikes. And it was here that I thought my love affair with cats was over.

That was, until I met j2. And Kirby.

At first, I was really hesitant to play with her. Between my allergies and her VERY long fur, I thought that would be a death sentence. I've actually said, out loud, to her (yes, I talk to the cat, don't you?) "You're going to be the death of me". It took a long time, but I did eventually build up some sort of immunity to her and her massive amount of fluff. And it's hard not to love this sweet face:

And no one was more surprised than I when I decided I wanted to adopt a kitten back in November. Me, former cat hater, with a very current allergy. I just felt the overwhelming urge to take care of a tiny little creature. I'd be lying if I told you that a dog wasn't my first choice - but condo living coupled with a busy schedule would be so unfair for a pup. Once j2 was on board with the idea, I started looking online at animal rescues in the area and falling in love with every. single. kitten. I found on petfinder. We went to a meow mixer (adorable, right?) at a pet store about an hour outside of the city, I held literally three kittens and then j2 saw Penny. I held her and she purred and immediately fell asleep in my arms and it was a done deal. I mean, look at this cutie pie:

We had to wait about three weeks to officially adopt her since she was too young yet to be spayed (not even 2lbs, which is the minimum!). Penelope Moneypenny -- Penny -- came home on December 7 and she's been the cutest little monster you could ever imagine. She's playful, smart, and ridiculously affectionate. I've been home sick for a couple of days and she's barely left my side. Whereas Kirbs is chill and calm just like j2, Penny is a tornado of energy just like me. It's pretty hilarious how we ended up with two cats that mirror our personalities so closely.

Anyway, I'm in love. And I can't stop taking pictures. Here are a few of my favorites, but you can find (an almost embarrassing amount of) other photos on my instagram:

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