Monday, September 15, 2014

the cohabitation diaries

I moved just about a month ago. It was all made possible by the friends who came over to help me pack, and to many, maaany bottles of wine, Did you know that I do my best packing when I've had a glass or two (or three?) of vino? Well, now you know. I was very systematic in the organizing and packing -- in the beginning. By the end I was throwing things into random bags and boxes, and pitching what didn't fit, or what I didn't feel like packing. That's how I ended up with a box whose contents included: my electric toothbrush, a single shoe, and some silverware, At the end of the day, it worked out pretty well. I still have approximately 257% more belongings than one person actually needs, so I'm definitely not suffering from lack of stuff.

You know what's amazing about moving? HIRING MOVERS. Seriously, I will never, ever move myself again. It took three men approximately an hour to load up all of my worldly possessions, and an hour to unload them at the new place. Two hours. THAT'S IT. All I did was direct them to where each box should go. It was glorious, I tell you. The only thing that broke was a tiny candle holder that I had purchased from Ikea. It was a moving day miracle. 

I wish I could tell you that I'm all unpacked except... I'm not. I'm mostly unpacked - and every day I try to find a "forever home" (as I call it) for a few random items. Additionally, j2 and I have been playing the Craigslist game -- which is not actually a game so much as an attempt to sell your stuff for a few bucks without getting murdered in your own home by strangers. We've gotten rid of everything we wanted to with the exception of a box spring (which is currently propped in our bedroom, ugh), a futon (in the dining room), an ottoman and an end table. We DIY'd some shelves using cinder blocks and wood so now I'm not afraid to store my belongings in the basement, which is always a good thing. We even hung some pictures on the wall! Sometimes I get anxious that it's not all done, but I know that there's only so much you can do when both people are working full time jobs. We've made a lot of progress, and I can finally say that it feels like home.

So far, so good. I asked j2 the other day how he liked living with me and he said it was "okay" (I'm pretty sure he was kidding). Though I think it's been upgraded to "great" after the chili that I made on Saturday evening. In all seriousness, it is TOUGH getting used to living with another person. It's the first time that either of us is living with a significant other and it's totally different than a regular roommate situation. I'm so amused at how each of us chooses to relax - j2 is an introvert - after a long day he needs some serious downtime, mostly playing video games. Me? I am a classic extrovert. I come home from an exhausting day of work and I don't. stop. moving. Or talking. I'm pretty much always doing something, except when I get sucked into an episode of Supernatural or West Wing (my two current obsessions). In general, I'm not very good at staying still -- though once all of the furniture is arranged, and the picture are on the wall, I promise to allow myself to take a deep breath and to just enjoy it all.

I'm hoping to have more pictures to share as we put the finishing touches on the rest of the condo. Stay tuned! 

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