Tuesday, June 17, 2014

weekend wrapup: friends, fitness, and froyo - oh my!

This weekend, j2 and I made our way down to New York to spend some time with my family, friends, to eat frozen yogurt, and for me to run the Mini 10k with my dear friend Lori. A few months back, I was so excited when she mentioned that she'd signed up for her first race. I knew that I just had to be there with her. And it happened to fall on the same weekend as Father's Day, which meant I could see my family. Double win. We headed down on Thursday after work and didn't get in until almost 11pm. Luckily, my dad is awesome and offered to pick us up so we wouldn't have to trek in the rain all the way from Manhattan to Queens.

thanks for the damp welcome, nyc
I had planned to go on a short run on Friday morning, but I woke up to some torrential downpours so we decided instead to relax around the house. I had to take an important phone call in the afternoon (hopefully an update on that to come soon!) which threw me into a tizzy. After I (sort of) recovered, j2 and I made our way into the city so I could pick up some race bibs before making our way to Lori's for the evening. We all chatted, ordered in some delicious Thai food, I made j2 walk out in the rain with me to get froyo, and then we watched Veep (how did I just discover this hilarious show?). Before I knew it, it was 6:30am Saturday morning and Lori and I were up and getting ready to head to Columbus Circle.

I made sure to every. single. person. I could that it was Lori's first race. Hey, you only get one first race, right? The weather was perfect - a little warm, but there was plenty of shade on the course, and a nice breeze every now and then. Central Park is not an easy place to run, there are some serious hills in there. I haven't run in Central Park a ton, so it always feels "new" to me. I did recognize some of the hills from the NYC half, though from an opposite direction. I had made the decision way before race day that I was running with, and for, Lori. We went at a pace that was comfortable to her, and I did my best to keep her occupied and motivated when the hills felt tough. I had fun, and I think (hope?!) she did too. I was to proud of her when we crossed the finish line. Before we were even though the chute, I was trying to get her to consider doing the Newport Half marathon in October.

prettty much the exact same picture, except with finisher's medals!
After the race, I had planned to meet up with my sisters from the north aka the Team LUNA Chix New York City ladies. Almost their entire team ran this race, and it was great to see them at the finish line giving out LUNA bars. We chit-chatted about the race, took some pictures and then Lori and I made our way back to her place to fetch j2. Then, I got a little more LUNA action when we went back and met them all for brunch. Because everyone knows that the best part about running is eating afterwards. Amirite?

alicia and i take our luna representation very seriously
After brunch, it was obviously time for some froyo (duh). Before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Lori and to make our way to Penn Station so we could head back to Queens. While walking downtown, j2 and I wandered into a Sleepy's and when we walked out, we'd bought a mattress. This is our first joint apartment purchase. I'm looking forward to our grown-up bed, and to no longer sleeping on a full-sized mattress (which is very difficult when your boyfriend is 6 feet tall, FYI). That evening, j2 and I went to my favorite pizza place (Eddie's in New Hyde Park, yeaaaa) with Dave and also made a Target run. Because no Saturday night is complete without a visit to Target. When all was said and done, I'd covered over 10 miles on my feet and man, I was exhausted. I slept like a baby that night, that's for sure.

The weather was beautiful on Sunday, and I knew that I should go on a run. I did my usual route and had gotten about 3 miles in when my dad called to ask if I wanted to go for a Father's Day walk. How could I refuse? By the time we made it back to the house, I'd run about 3.5 miles and walked another 3.5 with my dad. Not a bad little workout - especially since there would be plenty of food around in the afternoon. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend a ton of time with my family, since j2 and I had to leave at around 4:30 to start our journey back to Boston. But I did manage to get a piece of cannoli cake before I left (which I ate at the train station. Classy, right?).

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. It never feels like enough time when I come back to New York City for a visit. There are so many people to see, so many things to eat, an so many soft-serve froyo places to frequent - and so little time in which to get all that done. See you soon, NYC!

not too shabby, new york. not too shabby.

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