Thursday, June 12, 2014

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (and 26 weight watchers points a day)

Tomorrow will be my third weigh in since rejoining Weight Watchers. My first week, I dropped 5 pounds (woo! but probably water weight), and the second week I stayed the same (boo!). I am supposed to weigh in tomorrow, but I'll be in New York and I'm not sure that I trust my mother's 20 year old scale, so I may just wait until the following Friday. 

In years past when I've gone back on Weight Watchers, I've dropped weight quickly at first. And I can see that it's definitely going to be a little more of a struggle this time around. Why is that? Well, I am a little older (ugh) and it's possible that my metabolism isn't quite what it used to be (lame). Also, in past years, I wasn't as active, so I wasn't eating as much. I am currently working out 5-6 days a week - mostly running, cycling and rock climbing. And on some days I. Am. Starving. And with a few others, I haven't made the most perfect choices. This week I ate all 49 of my weeklies and 30 out of 40 of my activity points. Now that I am once again getting the hang of focusing on portion control, it's time that I pay more attention to the kinds of choices that I'm making.  

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to really pay attention to what I am eating, and to try to plan my meals and snacks in advance so that I don't find myself starving after a two-hour climbing session. My CSA has just started up, so I will have plenty of vegetables to go through each week, so I may need to get creative in order to consume them all. I know that it will take time for the weight to come off, but I know that it will take even longer if I don't figure out a good balance of how many weekly and activity points I should be eating. 

But, you know what I love the most about being back on Weight Watchers. It's this guy:
#weirdjessiefaces strikes again
That guy right there has been super supportive. I find it really difficult to talk to people "in real life" about my weight, which is why I wrote that blog post a few weeks back. When j2 read my post, he let me know what it upset him to know that I was so sad about my weight. He asked me some questions about Weight Watchers and how it works. And then all of a sudden, BAM, he'd signed up for the program. It was sweet, and supportive and really, really wonderful of him because he really loves his Chinese food and peanut butter filled pretzels (though not together, as far as I know). I told him that he didn't have to, that I'm responsible for my own food choices and all that jazz. His response was that it'd probably be easier for me to lose weight if my boyfriend wasn't eating everything in sight. What a sweetie pie. 

Being on Weight Watchers together has been great. We spend a lot of time with one another (obviously), which means we eat a lot of meals together. Now that j2 is aware of points it makes it so much easier for me. It's been fun to try to plan meals that are healthy, point-conscious and still delicious. He gets way more points than me per day (no fair, man!), but it really helps me to know that he's aware of what he's consuming. It makes me love him even more that he is supporting me in my quest to look and feel better about myself, though he makes it very clear that he thinks I'm beautiful just the way I am. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with him.

(hey j2, i know you'll read this eventually: happy monthiversary!)

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