Thursday, May 29, 2014

"you can do anything, but not everything"

First of all, a huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone who reached out after reading my last blog post. I received several text messages, tweets and Facebook comments from some wonderful friends who understood exactly how I was feeling. If my friend had written that post, I would have said the same things - you're NOT a failure! You ARE good enough. Why are we all so awful at giving ourselves a break?

Last week, I met Kristina at a Hip Hop dance class. We have a mutual friend in common and have communicated through the Twitterverse for a while now. Later that day she commented on my blog post giving me kudos for sharing my feelings and gave some advice that I have found to be very helpful and that's to focus on consistency. It's totally overwhelming (and almost impossible) to change everything at once. When I try to do that, inevitably I fall short of one of my fifteen goals and it totally sucks the wind out of my sails. I've decided that I'm going to focus on individual small goals.

My goal for my first week back on Weight Watchers was, for better or for worse, to track my food. I probably shouldn't have started the day before heading up to New Hampshire for a friend's wedding, but why start tomorrow what you can start today, right? Social situations can be tough and a little overwhelming when you're trying to lose weight. It's especially difficult when you don't have control over most of the food that is put in front of you because it's impossible to plan for it. My goal for the weekend was to make the best choices possible. Did I succeed? Mostly. I was able to get in a run with the bride and some friends on the morning of the wedding. It always feels good to get in a workout when I know that there's going to be a lot of rich food around. Did I track everything? Mostly. I may or may not have had a little bit (ok, a lot) too much to drink on an empty stomach and I'm a bit (ok, totally) fuzzy on how much I actually consumed. But hey, that's what the 49 weekly points are for! Despite being disgustingly hungover on Sunday, I managed to track my food for Sunday and was back on track by Monday morning.

It may sound silly, but I'm proud of myself for tracking after the wedding. It would have been really easy for me to scrap the whole week because I'd already "blown" it. I had to remind myself that one off day doesn't constitute as failure. But, I do consider getting myself back on track after one off day a success. I'm hoping that focusing on the small accomplishments of each week will keep me motivated as I continue on with this process.

First weigh in tomorrow.. Until then, look at my awesome friends and handsome boyfriend (who took care of my very, very drunk and very, very annoying ass for the entire night)!

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