Friday, May 16, 2014

rhode island: the state where it is considered an offense to throw pickle juice on a trolley

I actually googled "Rhode Island facts" to try to get some inspiration for the post title and I came across a whole website of stupid laws. In case you were wondering, it's also illegal to bite off another person's leg. Good to know!

I haven't had a free weekend since approximately late March. Luckily it's been so many fun and joyous occasions. One of those events was a weekend in Jamestown, Rhode Island. The point of the mini-trip was to celebrate the impending nuptials of my very good friend (and old roommate!) -- Julia! We rented an amazing house right near the water and it was glorious. I drove down with Danielle after work on Friday and we made it just in time for sunset and a quick toast before the rest of the ladies started to arrive. We had quite a view from one of the decks of the house:

Friday night was fairly low-key. We made dinner, drank copious amounts of champagne, and played Cards Against Humanity. Also, in case you were wondering -- soaking Swedish Fish in booze is NOT a good idea. Case in point:

It was so nice to wake up on Saturday morning without an alarm. I'd been checking the weather earlier in the weekend and it looked a little dismal. However, the atmosphere gods seemed to be on our side and we woke up to clear skies, warm temperatures and SUNSHINE! My favorite. Julia had requested that we go for a run (since, you know, her biking 80 miles from Boston to Newport the day before wasn't enough!). I ended up running just about 4 miles at an even 10:00 pace. Unfortunately, a combination of booze and too much coffee was bad news bears. I didn't even feel nauseous, more like.. acidic? Either way, my stomach was not pleased with me, but I felt much better once I got some food into my system.

We spent the rest of the morning/afternoon relaxing around the house. I did a puzzle, I read for a while, but mostly I just spent the time unwinding after a really stressful week(s). Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner and our night out! Good thing I brought my party shirt, the one that screams "I am serious about FUN!"

Dinner was at the Fifth Element in Newport and it was perfect. The food was great, the service was fantastic, and the cocktails were pretty delicious. The original plan had been to stay out in Newport, but we'd ended up driving ourselves, which meant that three people (including me) were designated driver. It was decided that we'd go back to the house so we could all have cocktails without worrying. It was perfect - we had the most epic dance party in the history of dance parties, and of course played pin the penis on the man. I have PLENTY of pictures of all of that, but those are for the girls eyes only so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was incredibly fun.

We all left on Sunday after breakfast and my plans for a productive Sunday were waylaid when the clear skies of Rhode Island turned into gloom in Boston. After weeks (maybe even months?) of constantly moving, it was nice to spend almost a whole twelve hours watching tv, doing laundry, and cleaning the apartment. I even cooked! It was a wonderful weekend spent celebrating such a happy occasion. I can't wait for the wedding!

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