Thursday, May 8, 2014

it's a beautiful day to register for a triathlon

Back in 2012, I was playing with the idea of registering for a sprint triathlon. Then, as luck would have it, I was accepted into the NYC Marathon. I wanted to devote my time and energy to that race, so I put the idea on the back burner, hoping to come back to it in 2013. But then there was hurricane Sandy, and the race was cancelled and before I knew it I was training for the marathon all over again. After the marathon I decided to take a step back from long distance running (with the exception of the NYC half, where I had a PR!) in order to allow myself time to do.. well, whatever I felt like.

Seems like a great idea in theory, right? Sure. Except that I am a very goal-oriented person. I like, no -- NEED, to see big picture. If i'm not training for a race, how do I know how far I should run on any given day? Two miles? Seven? What does it really matter if I'm not training for something specific? I need to know my end goal so that I can formulate a plan, because anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a good schedule.   

After talking to Juls (and by talking to, I mean asking approximately 400 annoying questions), I found a race that seemed to pop out at me. It's in September, which gives me plenty of time to train. I don't have to wear a wetsuit, which is great since I don't own one. They have a "newbies" swim wave, which was what sold me. I'm comfortable in the water, but I'm not-so-secretly afraid of getting kicked, being knocked unconscious, and drowning. It's local-ish (Hopkinton), so I don't have to worry about hauling all of my stuff on an overnight or weekend trip. And most importantly, it's a race company that came highly recommended to me, so I feel confident that I will have a positive experience. I hovered over the "submit payment" button for about half an hour and I gasped out loud as I clicked it. And just like that I'm registered for my first triathlon!

This is the schedule that I'm thinking about using (thanks Juls!) I might need to juggle the days depending on when the pool at the local high school is available for lap swimming, LUNA runs, and the like. It'll keep me busy, but I should still have plenty of time to rock climb, especially if I wanted to do overnight trips on the weekend - something I didn't have the energy to do while marathon training. I'd definitely say that my swimming needs the most work - though I am comfortable in the water and have been swimming for as long as I can remember. I think a big part for me will just be building my endurance for the brick workouts, and luckily I have plenty of time to prepare! 

TuesBike 30minBike 40minBike 35minBike 30minBike 30min Run 10minBike 40min Run 15minBike 40min Run 15minBike 30min
WedRun 20min StrengthRun 20min StrengthRun 20min StrengthRun 20min StrengthRun 20min StrengthRun 20min StrengthRun 20min StrengthRun 20min
ThursSwim 400ydBike 30 min Swim 500 ydsSwim 600 ydsBike 30 minBike 50min Swim 700ydsBike 45min Swim 800 ydsBike 40min swim 900ydBike 30 min Swim 600yd
SatBike 45minBike 50minBike 1hrBike 45minBike 1hr 10minBike 1hr 15minBike 50minBike 10min OWS 15min (or 500yds in pool)
SunRun 20min Swim 300ydRun 35min Swim 400ydRun 40 min OWS 15min (or 750 yds pool)Run 20min OWS 15min (or 750yds pool)Run 45min OWS 20min (or 1000yds pool)Run 50min OWS 20min (or 1000 yds pool)Run 35min OWS 15min (750 yds pool)RACE
Do you have any training programs that you'd swear by? Any tips for a newb triathlete? Any equipment that I ABSOLUTELY should purchase? Tell me everything! 

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