Wednesday, March 12, 2014

winter running is the pits

First of all, you'll notice that things look a little different around here. Thank you to Nicole for your fantastic work on the new layout for the blog - I love it. Thank you Nicole King for your creativity and design! 

In other news, I'm running the New York City half marathon this weekend. I entered the lottery when i was riding high on my marathon endorphins and promptly forgot about it. One morning I woke up to a charge on my card from New York Road Runners and my first reaction was "craaaaaap". Winter here in Boston has been pretty brutal. I don't mind layering and running in the cold, but it's really hard to motivate yourself to get outside when you're being hit with snowstorm after snowstorm. It's been so brutally cold, which means that a lot of sidewalks and roads are really icy and I don't trust my footing enough for that. Oh, and I hate running on the treadmill, and I avoid it at all costs. Wah wah wah, winter is tough. Wah wah wah, Boston is cold. First world problems.

I haven't been blogging about my training because, well, honestly, I haven't followed much of a plan . What does all of this mean? It means that I've only been able to get in one or two short runs during the week, and one longer run on the weekend. I've been supplementing with other cardio - spinning and climbing mostly. Honestly, I don't feel super confident in how Sunday will go, but I do know that I've run other races with way less training and I have survived. My goal is to enjoy myself on Sunday.

beautiful.. and deadly.
So.. What does that mean for the NYC half? Am I going to PR? No, definitely not. Am I upset about that? Not even a little bit. I consider late winter/early spring races to be a jumping off point for the year. It's really hard (for me) to keep my running fitness up when the city is constantly being covered in ice and snow. I'm looking forward to running on Siunday, and then getting myself ready for my late April Kentucky climbing trip. I cannot wait for spring and summer to hit. Last year, I couldn't do much outdoor climbing if it involved an overnight stay since I was always worried about making sure I'd get in my long run. Without a marathon to train for this year, I'll be able to split my time between running and climbing.

We've had a few freakishly warm days lately, and it's a little bizarre to be running in a tank top when there's huge piles of snow and ice on sidewalks. Until spring officially arrives, I will suffer in my almost floor length puffy coat, and will try to get in some runs when the weather allows. I'm looking forward to a weekend in New York with my family, my friends, and a little running. And I'm really hoping that the spring weather makes the trip down with my for the race! Wish me luck on Sunday, I maaaaay need it. 

tank tops and the frozen charles river. makes total sense, right?

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