Thursday, March 13, 2014

525,600 minutes: how do you measure a year?

I feel slightly grown up these days. I'm 30, and j2 and I are MOVING IN TOGETHER COME SEPTEMBER (what the whaaat?!), and I'm even considering working with a financial planner. There's a big difference between j. now and the j. who once woke up with parmesan crusted hair after because she fell and her hair landed in the gutter (magical, right?). As ridiculous as it sounds, I used to think that I'd have a total breakdown when I turned 30. But as I approached my thirtieth, I felt incredibly happy about where I am in my life, and j2 has been a big part of everything. I'm even looking forward to the coming years, about where life will take us, and what will come next.

So, happy anniversary (plus one day) to j2 who always orders double cheese and no sour cream when we get nachos because he knows that sour cream makes me want to die and that cheese is the best thing in the world. Happiest of days to the man who took me on vacation to Cancun and ended up with a terrible sunburn on most of his body and spent multiple hours being sick in a bus bathroom when he would have preferred to be fishing somewhere. Here's to j2, who challenges me to be brave, and allows me to be the wackiest version of myself that I can be. Here's to many more happy days and exciting adventures.  

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