Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the time i turned 30 and remembered all of it (aka i guess i'm an adult now)

I'm eternally behind on blog posts, I know this. I promise to write all about Mexico. It was pretty amazing to get a tan, see one of the new seven wonders of the world, watched j2 get violently ill on our last day there, only to have me come down with the same thing 24 hours later. Soon, I promise..

Most of my birthdays have involved a lot of alcohol, and a less-than-perfect recollection of the evening's events. Back in 2009, I got so drunk that I held on to a light pole in the middle of Montreal and told all of my friends that I hated them (sorry?). These days, I'm a little less of a booze hound than I used to be. I just can't party like I used to, and no matter how much fun I have, it's usually not worth the hangover. I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to spend my 30th birthday. I knew that I didn't want to spend it at a bar, and I really hate huge group dinners because you don't get to talk to anyone and the idea of one massive bill for the table stresses. me. out. I decided to host a get-together at my apartment. That way I could talk to everyone, and if I got accidentally too drunk, it would be easy to put me to bed without a scene.

I spent Friday (my actual birthday) at j2's house, eating Indian food, watching Captain Phillips, and chatting with various family members who had called to wish me well. It was pretty perfect, actually. On saturday, I slept in and then did a "long" run. It was supposed to be about 8.5 miles but my back was bothering me so much that I cut it a couple of miles short. I was bummed slash convinced that I was going through kidney failure but there was no time to worry since I had to prepare for my birthdaaaaay partaaay. Luckily Lauren had taken care of most of the prep - I arrived home to a clean apartment and one of my two cakes ready and waiting for me - the other was baked and brought over by Lu a little bit later on. Hey, it's not a birthday party without multiple cakes, right?

I didn't have any idea who would actually show up, so I was pretty amazed when all of a sudden, I looked around and there were over 20 people in the apartment. My best friend from high school drove up from New York with her husband, one of my college roommates came in from Connecticut and it was wonderful to see them, since it had been a while (too long!). At one point, I looked around the room and had to stop for a second to take it all in. I was in awe of how many people had gathered to help me celebrate my special day. I felt cherished, and so very thankful for the relationships I have built over the years.

Thank you everyone - near and far - for being a part of my 30th birthday. I'm really looking forward to what life has to offer me as a thirty-something.

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