Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#monthofmovement: (tardy) reflections

I had so much fun during the month of January. The first month of movement challenge was all about trying new things. I was bored and needed to shake things up. I did things like trapeze and salsa and it was fabulous., exciting, aaand pretty expensive. Here's last year's calendar:

This time around was about getting back to the things I've always enjoyed. I ran a decent amount, climbed until my callouses finally came back (that's a good thing!), and got my spin on. I'm also really proud of myself that I stuck to my $10 and under threshold for the month. I used up three remaining vouchers that I'd purchased for Central Rock, Rockspot and Bolly-x that were either expired or just about to be so. Fitness can be expensive, and it was a nice reminder that there are ways to fit it into the budget. Sites like Living Social, Groupon, etc are only a good deal if you actually use them, and most cities have plenty of free fitness options if you're willing to do a little research on where to find them. For the entire month, my out of pocket costs were only 30 dollars. Not too shabby!

Participating in the month of movement really reminds me that I am a happier and more relaxed person when exercise is a part of my life. It's also a great way for me to stay connected with my equally busy and active friends. I do have to admit that I reeaaallly missed my rest day. Rest day, rest day, rest daaaaay. I love you and never want you to go away again. Not until next year's challenge!

For the next month I'll be focusing on preparing for the NYC half. Between the awful weather, vacation, and a stomach virus that knocked me on my ass, I haven't really been training too diligently. I did get in 8 good miles before heading off on vacation, so I'm hoping I have enough of a base to get me through the 13.1. I've done more than a dozen half marathons, so I don't know why I'm so nervous about this one. I think it's mostly because it's in New York and I'm asking my family to spectate (since we mutually missed each other during the marathon) and I don't want to end up puking in Central Park or something. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates this weekend so I'm able to get in a long run.

So where are my #monthofmovement-ers? I know that the challenge has been done for some time, but how did you do? How did you feel? Did you have fun? Tell me all about it!

I leave you with my favorite picture of the entire challenge:

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