Friday, February 28, 2014

cancun is cool, but that montezuma is a huge d-bag

It's been two weeks since j2 and I returned from our Cancun vacation. And in that time we've dealt with several storms and subzero temperatures. Remind me of why I live in Boston again? Anyway, the trip was mostly amazing. It was the first time I'd been to Mexico in addition to being my first REAL vacation with a boyfriend. Pretty awesome, right?

We arrived at the hotel at around 5pm on a Sunday and decided to explore the resort before grabbing a bite and settling in for an early, relaxing evening. I loved the look of our resort, it just looked old fashioned and grand. I was absolutely thrilled to be in flip flops and staring at the blue, blue ocean. 

On Monday, we woke up early. Correction, due to the stupid one hour time change, I woke up early and in turn woke up j2. Somehow I convinced him to go to the gym with me before a full day of eating and sunning. We were staying at a Riu hotel, which meant we had access to the other three that were in Cancun. In the afternoon, we took a walk to one that was a few kilometers away to take advantage of their huge pool and endless sunny spots. Oh, and we had a few cocktails. All-inclusives, amirite?

On Tuesday, we were up early once again, but this time it was to head out on a snorkeling adventure off of Isles Mujeres. It was a long, but awesome day. We got to hold a shark, snorkel, wander around the island, and jump off the spinnaker. At least I'm told it was the spinnaker, and whatever it was it was rad and I was the only woman on the boat brave enough to do it! 

On Wednesday morning, I got up and decided to go for a run. I had to take advantage of the good weather, didn't I? The hotel was on a peninsula with a very clearly marked path, which made it very convenient for running. There were even signs for every half kilometer, which was perfect since my watch didn't want to connect with GPS for a good portion of it. The rest of the day was fairly laid back - we relaxed at the pool, made some friends with other hotel guests, and of course, did a lot of eating -- which seemed to be the theme of the trip.

Thursday was another great day - we had booked another snorkeling trip. I was expecting to see the same things we'd seen on Tuesday but it was much, much cooler. We got to snorkel directly over reefs, and we got to see a lobster, a stingray and a huuuuuge barracuda. We took a bunch of pictures with an underwater disposable - and I'm hoping that we caught some of the amazing sights on film. I'll let you know once I actually remember to get it developed. Oops.

Friday should have been a really amazing day. j2 and I booked a 12-hour day trip to the cenotes (a fresh water sinkhole) and Chichen Itza. We woke up early in the morning and j2 wasn't feeling that great. There was some talk about skipping the trip, but we decided that he'd probably feel better as the day went on. Wrooooong. Almost immediately upon getting on the bus he started getting sick. We had been on the bus for what seemed like an eternity when we made a short stop in Valladolid. I was pretty worried about j2, who was in and out of the bus bathroom (poor guy) and couldn't keep anything down. While the rest of our tour wandered around, I asked our guide if he could take me to a pharmacy to get some medicine. A few minutes later I was back with two boxes of pills, trying to force them down j2's throat. My rudimentary spanish led me to believe that one was for nausea and the other for, ahem, diarrhea. I don't think it hurt him, but there wasn't much of a difference in how he felt after taking the pills.

By the time we got to the cenotes, we were both slightly miserable. I did spend some time exploring and wading in the water before coming back up to check on j2 and trying to get some fluids into him. There was also, conveniently, a tequila museum located on the premises. I may or may not have done some stress drinking and shopping, and came back to the bus with 50 dollars worth of booze.

A couple of hours later we were back on the bus and on our way to Chichen Itza. I was hoping that j2 would start to feel better so he could enjoy it with me, but no dice. Once we got there, I made sure he was good and went off with the tour to explore. The guide was great - very funny and knowledgable, and I learned a LOT of neat facts about Chichen Itza and the Mayan people. I'm a sucker for ruins.

When I got back to j2 I was all "CHICHEN ITZA IS AMAZING!" and he was all "they have really nice bathrooms here!". That should give you a sense of how different our days turned out to be. By the time we got back to the hotel, j2 had been able to keep down some soda and gatorade, and his symptoms were easing up. I even managed to get him to eat some crackers after I had dinner by myself at one of the hotel restaurants. 

Did I mention that Friday was Valentine's day? 

On Saturday morning, we packed up and made our way back to Boston. This sums up how we felt upon our departure:

The airport was a shit show, and when they announced that our flight was oversold, I may have tried to convince j2 to take the free night and voucher to stay one extra day. He pretty much told me that I could stay, but he was getting on that plane. I'm really glad that we came home, because four hours after I walked through the door of my apartment I was violently ill. Nothing like coming home from a vacation only to spend 12 hours on the bathroom floor.

Huzzah vacation! 

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