Friday, January 31, 2014

#monthofmovement: week 4 recap: already?!

wednesday, january 22
workout: rock climbing
calories burned: 610
cost: $12*

The more I climb at Brooklyn Boulders, the more I realize that it's just not my favorite gym. It won't stop me from using up the remaining climbs in my 10-pack, it just means I don't plan on having a membership there. Despite all that, I had a pretty good climbing night. I completed (among other routes) a 5.10a, b and c (though that one was uuugly) and cleaned a long and sustained (that's what she said) 5.8 lead route. Not too shabby for 22 straight days of activity, eh?

*10 pack purchased prior to the start of the challenge, with no further out of pocket cost

thursday, january 23
workout: spin
calories burned: 550
cost: free

I love Flywheel, and I pretty much never pass up an opportunity for a free class. I was pretty pumped when I saw that Yelp was sponsoring an event here. It was moved from Tuesday to Thursday due to the snow and luckily I was still able to attend. Melinda taught an amazing class (not that I expect anything less). It was challenging, slightly awful, but mostly fun. I walked out drenched in sweat and feeling great. Ohhh Flywheel, I love you, y u so expensive? 

friday, january 24
workout: climbing
calories burned: 540
cost: $5*

You know what? I actually really love climbing on Friday nights. It's fun to do with a group or friends, or even for a date night with j2. This night was the latter. j2 and I had a pretty good climbing night - I managed to complete my first 5.11 since before the marathon. Though, unfortunately, I managed to wrench my neck in the middle of the climb. I finished the route, and tried one more climb before I had to call it a night from the pain. It's been a week and I'm still dealing with some residual pain and muscle tension. Lame. 

*18 for a day, and I used a previously purchased voucher good for $13 towards the day pass

saturday, january 25
workout: 7 mile run
calories burned: 725
cost: nada!

Winter running in New England can be pretty terrible. Many days have been brutally, terribly cold. Though, we have gotten lucky with a few mild(ish) days, and I tried my best to take advantage of any day that's not coupled with sub-zero temperatures. In week three, Kim and I had so much fun running through the fresh snow on Battle Road and I was really happy to have another great long run. Luckily, j2 lives near some really primo running routes - I started with a loop around Jamaica Pond and then made my way down to the arboretum and explored both the paved paths and dirt trails. Crazy, I know, but I've been living in Boston since 2002 and this was my first time visiting the Arboretum. It's wonderful to be able to experience this little slice of nature in the midst of city living. I'm really excited to see it in the spring when everything begins to bloom! 

sunday, january 26
workout: rock climbing
calories burned: ~500
cost: $5*

Nothing like a little Sunday morning climbing to wrap up the week. France and I managed to climb ten solid routes before we mutually decided that we could not climb anything else. It was a solid day of climbing, mostly in the 5.9/10 range. Also, FINALLY! I managed to use the last of my expired 10-pack. Unfortunately, it means I either have to purchase another, or only climb on Mondays (ladies night, when it's $12 for a day pass). I have way too many expensive hobbies and not nearly enough disposable income. Le sigh.. 

*18 for a day, and I used a previously purchased voucher good for $13 towards the day pass 

monday, january 27
workout: run + november project destination deck
calories burned: 530
cost: $0 and a small part of my soul as I had to wake up at 5:30am

Oh. My. God. I had NO idea what to expect for this workout. I've been to the November Project for the stadium stairs, but this was my first destination deck workout. The location changes every week, and once I saw that it was less than a mile from my apartment, I knew that I had no excuse. Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed and run 2 warmup miles before arriving at the t-station. I was really nervous when they announced it would be a partner workout, since I'd come alone and no one looked familiar. Luckily, I befriended the woman next to me and we decided to partner up. The workout is only 16 minutes but wow, they are difficult, agonizing minutes. We did four circuits of four exercises, with 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. My legs were beyond mush by the end. I was ready to do my cool down run home when they asked that all members under 5'4" should come stand on the wall. I thought it was so that we wouldn't be overshadowed in the picture, but nope - it was because he wanted us to CROWD SURF. Homeboy say whaaaa? I tried to back away but was slowly pushed towards the front. I was terrified, but I had a lot of fun - as the above picture captured. Also, can I say how unbelievably happy I am that someone managed to capture that moment for me? 

FYI: I'm writing this on Friday and I'm STILL feeling sore from Monday. How's THAT for a workout?

where's waldo/j.?

tuesday, january 28
workout: walkin'
calories burned: 500
cost: $0 

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling sore, exhausted, and cranky - and I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to make it to the gym. I had considered going to Yoga, which likely would have helped, but I was feeling so tired that I slept through my alarm. I decided that it would be a walking day. Despite the real feel of -3, I walked 3.5 miles to my office, and 2 miles to Harvard Square after work. Not the most strenuous workout, but I walked a few miles, burned a few calories, and saved my legs (just a little bit) for my next few workouts. 

week 4 recap:
3455: calories burned
15: miles run/walked
10: dollars spent out of pocket
3: rock climbing workouts

Week four was (in my opinion) the best yet. I've finally confirmed a climbing trip to Red River Gorge with some friends in April, so it's important for me to regain some of the climbing ground I'd lost while training for the marathon. It is still on my mind that I am running the NYC half on March 16th - and I'm hoping that I've been running consistently enough to have maintained my base from the November marathon. My long runs have been about 7 miles, so I don't think it will be too much of an issue. Will I PR at the NYC half? No, definitely not. But, I'll run it, and I'll have fun. For a late winter race, I think that's just about the best I can hope for. I've also decided that I am going to continue the challenge until I leave for Cancun on February 9th. If I'm going to be in a bathing suit for a week straight, I might as well, right?

#monthofmovement-ers - how's it going?! How are you feeling as the month winds down? Have you discovered anything new and different that you love? Any workouts that you hate? Tell me all about it! 

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