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#monthofmovement: two up, two down

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wednesday, january 8
workout: elliptical
calories burned: 410
cost: no additional cost (gym membership)

Do you ever have one of those days when you get on the treadmill, run for five minutes and say to yourself "naaaah?". Tuesday was one of those days. Instead of torturing myself on the treadmill (though, really, isn't every workout on the dreadmill torture?)), I hopped onto the elliptical for a workout. Going on eight straight days of working out helped to ease any guilt I could have possibly had for bagging a planned workout. 

thursday, january 9
workout: spin at velo-city
calories burned: 450
cost: first class is free! 

Velo-city is a new spin studio that recently opened up in Back Bay. They've been offering the first class free to get people in to try the studio, which I always appreciate. I went with Ashley, Jess (read her review here) and a couple of other friends. We had a blast. The studio and the instructors are still trying to find their groove, but there is a huge amount of potential here. I believe they are continuing to offer the first class free until 1/31 (and maybe beyond?) and there's a deal through Gilt if you are interesting in trying it out! Studio review to come after I've tried out a few more classes at the studio!

friday, january 10
workout: 4 mile run
calories burned: 435
cost: the best things in life are free

It's easy to get caught up in all of the exciting activities and to forget that I (usually) love running. Additionally, I am also registered to run the NYC half on March 16, so it would be a good idea to, you know, train. I had decided to run without looking at the forecast, which is pretty smart for Boston in January. Luckily it wasn't that cold, though it did start to snow just as I took off from my apartment. There was just enough accumulation to hide the nasty piles of leftover ice, which made it pretty difficult to keep my footing. I fell once, and luckily didn't hurt myself. Despite the slippery conditions, it was a great run.

saturday, january 11
workout: yoga
calories burned: 215
cost: $5 (community class)

j2 and I met through a local rock climbing meet-up, and I love when we do active things together. There are a couple of yoga studios near his apartment and he mentioned that we could go to a class over the weekend with his brother and brother's fiancée It was perfect - not too strenuous, but somehow managed to target all of my tense areas. I walked out feeling pretty relaxed, something that does not often happen as a result of yoga. Maybe there could be some more yoga in my future? If j2 takes me to Indian buffet after every class, then I'd say that's a pretty good possibility.

sunday, january 12
workout: rock climbing
calories burned: 441
cost: $5*

Ideally, I like climbing twice a week. Unfortunately, since coming back from the marathon, I've only been able to climb about once a week. It's a bummer because it takes so long to work your way up to the 5.11 and 5.12 routes, and hardly any time at all to lose that strength and skill. I'm not back to where I was prior to the marathon, but I am definitely making (slow) progress. Like anything else, you only get better at climbing if you dedicate the time to it.

*18 for a day, and I used a previously purchased voucher good for $13 towards the day pass
monday, january 13
workout: bolly-x
calories burned: 435
cost: $6*

I am not a dancer, and I'm not even particularly coordinated. I went with my coworker/friend Danielle, and we were pretty tired and even more apprehensive, the result of a long work day and an 8:30pm start time. At first I felt like an idiot flopping around on the dance floor. Slowly, though, we started to relax and before I knew it we were having SO MUCH FUN (in addition to sweating profusely). The class is Zumba on crack, and ends with learning a dance and performing it (in a group) for the other half of the class. I'm pretty much counting down the days until I can go back to that class and will be discovered as America's next Bollywood start. Obvs.

* Livingsocial voucher purchased - 3 classes for $18. Regular drop-in rate is $12 per class at the Dance Complex (536 Mass Ave, Cambridge)

tuesday, january 14
workout: spin
calories burned: ~450 (no HRM with me)
cost: free!*

After another marathon workday, the last thing I wanted to do was work out. I was cranky and soaking wet from the rain when I arrived at the studio. I was changing in the bathroom when I realized that I didn't have my HRM watch OR a workout top with me. My options were to wear a turtleneck, my sports bra, or one from the lost and found at Velo-city (FYI: I opted to wear the random shirt).

I felt out of sorts just before class - a combination of dehydration, too much caffeine, and not enough sleep due to a week-long event at work. I chugged some water, downed a LUNA bar, and prayed I'd make it through the class. I should remember next time that I will ALWAYS feel better after the workout has begun. The instructor, Emily, was great. The class had great music, lots of variation, a killer arm section, and it definitely got my mind off of work for a whole 45 minutes!

*I was contacted by the owner and offered a second free class in order to try another instructor

week two recap:
~2835: calories burned
385 minutes (6.4 hours): spent working out
16: dollars spent

The end of week two was made way more stressful by my work schedule. I've been working non-stop and it's made working out a little bit of a challenge. I've found that it's helped to make plans with friends - not only is it more fun, it stops me from bailing at the last minute. My goal for week three is to get in some more running, and to do as many morning workouts as possible in order to free up my afternoons.

For my #monthofmovement pals - how has it been going?! Two weeks down, two weeks to go!

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