Thursday, January 2, 2014

christmas 2013: better late than never (hopefully?)

The holidays are a terrible time to try to regain your blogging mojo. Life was too busy, and too awesome to sit down at a computer just to type out how busy and how awesome life is - ya know what I'm saying?

The holidays were pretty great this year. The roommate and I co-hosted a holiday party just before Christmas and it was really great to have so many of my friends in the same place. We're all so busy that sometimes it's hard to keep up with one another, so a get-together is a great way to catch up and to celebrate the holidays. Another one of my favorite holiday activities is to go to the ballet, so I was really excited when j2 told me that he'd bought tickets for us to see the ballet. As always, the performance did not disappoint and it was really fun to dress up for the occasion. And, believe it or not, it was the first time I'd seen j2 dressed up! I wish I'd gotten a full body picture of the two of us, but you'll just have to take my word for it that we looked awesome and fancy. 

Between office closings and vacation days, I have been off from work since Christmas Eve, and I'll go back on January 6th. I decided I'd come home (to my parent's house) on Tuesday and would leave on Sunday morning. It's been a good, long while since I spent more than a long weekend in New York with my family and I was pretty excited to spend some time with them. Usually, I'm only in Queens for a weekend, and that doesn't give me a ton of time to see my friends who live in the area. A six-day visit gave me a lot of time to hang out with people other than my parents. 

On Christmas Eve my family's tradition is to order in Chinese food and/or pizza and to open up all of our gifts. My parents used to only allow us one, but over the years we've worn them down and now we get to open ALL THE GIFTS on Christmas Eve. This year, I made an Amazon wishlist so that my parents would know exactly what to buy me. I received new running sneakers (weee), a waterproof iphone case for my Mexico trip, a scarf, a case for my DLSR so I can stop traveling with a scarf wrapped around it, and gloves. My mom has recently gotten into beading and she made me bracelets with some really beautiful stones. That would have been good enough for me, but then she was all "OH! There's one more gift!". I opened it up and it was.. anti-aging creams. When I asked if she was trying to tell me something, the response was "Well, you are almost 30". Thanks, ma. 

On Christmas Day, I was up early to head to Forest Hills for a spin class with Missy. Though we've been Twitter "friends" for a while, and have some mutual (real life) fiends, we'd never met before. I was definitely pumped when she said she'd go to class with me. It was also extra motivation to actually drag my sorry ass out of bed, knowing that she'd be there waiting for me. 

On Thursday evening I went into the city and did some shopping in Bryant Park with my friend Lori. I bought entirely too many things for myself and had the most amazing dinner at Koi, It was only after I got back to Bayside that I realized I'd forgotten my credit card at the restaurant. FAIL. Luckily, my awesome friend Dave, volunteered to drive me back in so I could retrieve it. True friendship, I tell ya. 

I spent Friday afternoon with my childhood friend and her three sons - aged 4, almost 2, and 1 month. All I can say is.. wow, that woman has the patience of a saint. They are adorable, smart and so, so much work. I'm pretty shocked that they haven't burned the house down, though I haven't talked to her in a few days, so it's definitely possible.  

I woke up nice and early on Saturday for my first ever Refine Method class with Missy and Dori. They've been raving about the classes for so long, I knew I had to try it out. It was amazing. What a tough, great workout. I'm really sad that it's not in Boston. but also happy since it's expensive and I know I'd want a membership. After class, I met up with Natalie and we went on a adventure to the Cloisters. It's a museum that's comprised of parts of five different medieval abbeys. It's also located on the top of a hill, so there are some great views to be seen. 

It's always sad to say goodbye to my family and to New York, but by the time Sunday rolled around I was more than happy to get back to Boston, my bed, and to j2. I grabbed some breakfast with Dave, because you can't come to New York and NOT eat at a diner, right? After breakfast I made my way to Connecticut for j2's family Christmas party before heading back to Boston. And then, just like that, it was New Years Eve. And you know what that means, right?

Tell me about your holidays! Do anything fun? See anything awesome? Eat anything delicious?

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