Tuesday, January 7, 2014

and just like that it's 2014

I'm forever behind on my blog posts, aren't I? Maybe I should make a resolution for 2014 to not post everything 7-28 days after it happened. Duly noted. 

New Years Eve was laid back - pretty much exactly what I had wanted and needed. I went to a small party, played Cards Against Humanity, sat around in my panda suit (the usual) and woke up without the least bit of a hangover. It was epic. Last year involved a lot of fun, but waaaay too much champagne and some (a lot?) of tears and it just wasn't how I had wanted to start off 2013. 

2013 was.. fantastic. I'm not going to do an all-out recap because so many of you have been there for the journey along with me. It's pretty amazing to think of all that's happened in the last twelve months. I went rock climbing in West Virginia (and didn't even come close to getting eaten by a bear), and ran a marathon in New York City. I mourned the loss of some wonderful people in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and participated in the most amazing cross-country relay you could ever imagine in their honor. I went on my first cruise and traveled around Alaska! I spent time with my amazing family and friends, both near and far and had so, so many laughs and good times. 

I fell in love

It's going to be hard to top 2013, but I have faith that 2014 will be a strong contender for the best year yet.

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