Thursday, August 22, 2013

adventure of alaskan proportions: the prequel

Working a full time job is pretty lame, in case you were wondering. I wish that I could spend my life chillin' out and going on sweet vacations. I wish I could tell you everything about my awesome Seattle visit and Alaskan cruise, but I'll keep it down to the most important and fun stuff. Sound good? Here we go..

After the delay of an already delayed flight, we made it to our rented apartment in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle at around 2:00am on Wednesday, July 31st. Despite sleeping most of the plane ride and being three hours behind my "normal" time, I managed to get a full night's sleep and was ready to face the day. We did all the touristy things - walked around the public market, bought coffee at the first ever Starbucks, and walked around the Seattle Art Museum. We even managed to catch one of Lu's favorite performers at a bar in Ballard. It was a thoroughly fun (and exhausting!) day, as I calculated that we walked about seven miles around town. Talk about staying active on vacation, eh?

Before I went on vacation, I made a promise to myself that I would stay on track with my marathon training. It meant that, despite being bone tired on Thursday morning, I had to do a 45 minute steady state run. Should have been easy, right? Sure, except for the fact that Queen Anne is the highest point in Seattle, and it is REALLY hilly. I plotted out a route that took me around the perimeter of the neighborhood, in the hopes that I could keep the hills to a minimum-ish. It was a beautiful run - with lots of parks and beautiful houses to look at along the way. And towards the end I found myself at Kerry Park. A couple of locals told me that it's the best place to view the Seattle skyline. Too bad the weather didn't want to cooperate, because I was also told that I would have been able to see Mt. Rainier as well. 

I'm sort of blurry on the order in which we did things on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. I'm pretty sure that Lu and I ventured into Ballard on Thursday to see the shops but ended up day drinking at this great bar that reminded us of home. I had one of the most delicious burgers of my life, and some even more delicious gelato before going home and sleeping like the dead. I definitely remember that we went to the EMP on Friday, our last full day in Seattle. We had wanted to do the ultimate in tourist events by going up to the top of the Space Needle, but it was too cloudy.

We woke up on Saturday morning and were ready to make our way to the dock to board the cruise ship. I had no idea that it would take so freaking long to get on there. It really tried my patience, let me tell ya. By the time we left the port, Lu and I were on the deck, tannin' and drankin' milkshakes. Baller.

Next up: that time that I ran 36 laps along the deck and then went to Juneau, and other fun tales.. 

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