Friday, July 26, 2013

i went camping (again) and didn't die

Dude, the summer is almost over. When did that happen? The month of July has been epically busy. I guess you can say that I'm officially marathon training, but running has sucked lately. The heat and humidity in Boston was WRETCHED. I am not even lying when I tell you that it was 85 degrees and 95% humidity before 9am. Pretty much everyone in the city was miserable and/or hibernating in front of any available air conditioner. Luckily the heat seems to have broken and I am praying that August is a little more manageable.

Last weekend, my friend Dave drove up from New York because he had gotten tickets to see the Yankees play the Sox at Fenway. I decided to even things up by inviting two Sox fans along. Ya know, fair is fair. It was a scorcher, and we pretty much melted into the seats. But it was a great game - I got to eat ices and Cracker Jacks and then watch thhhheeeeeee Yankees win. And we got to watch Mariano Rivera close out the game. Winning all around. 

It was so disgustingly hot that I had decided to do my 1hr30m "recovery ride" on Saturday and to push my long run to Sunday. Real feel of 104 degrees on Saturday versus mid-80s on Sunday - what a freaking great decision. I got the run over with, said goodbye to Dave and then packed up my life to go camping on Lovell's Island for j2's birthday celebration. Getting there involved a ferry from Boston to Georges Island and then another to Lovells. By the time we pitched the tents, it was time for dinner and a campfire. Oh, and 400 pictures of the awesome sunset. I'll be nice, and will only post my two favorites: 

We had talked briefly about trying to wake up for sunrise on Monday (which was also j2's birthday!), and with the help of the loudest bird EVER, we were up just before 5am. I somehow managed to lose Jeremy around the campsite, so I made my way over to the rocky beach. It was peaceful and pretty damn awesome to watch the sun rise over the water. 

After a couple of naps (after all, I did wake up before 5am!) and two breakfasts, we decided to wander down to the sandy beach for some swimming and laying. Apparently Lovells was fortified before and after WWI, and a few of us decided to explore the old buildings, the wooded areas, and the rocky beach. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner and another campfire. I had been really excited to watch the Jiffy Pop in action for the first time in my life. However, my dreams were crushed when it lit on fire. Twice. Maybe next time.. 

The plan was to leave on Tuesday morning, and good thing, since the weather was crap. We had breakfast, packed up the camp site and started our two-ferry return back to Boston. I can honestly tell you that spending two days on an island with no fresh water and no showers is not something I would ever think/want to do for myself. However, I ended up having a really great time. It almost pains me to write it, but it's true. I HAD FUN CAMPING. There, I said it. 

But (if there is a) next time, I'm bringing a real pillow. 

Also, I really love s'mores. 

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