Thursday, June 13, 2013

la vita e bella

Life is good, guys. Really good, actually. It's probably why I haven't been blogging a whole lot these days. I don't want to take a moment away from all of the fun stuff to write it all down. But, it's something I really like doing, so I am going to try!

I've hired a running coach to help get me through NYC Marathon training, which is exciting and exhausting at the same time. Though admittedly, the running four days a week thing is not something I'm used to and it's led for a few cranky tirades on my part. More running means a little less free time for other activities, but that hasn't stopped me from hiking, canoeing, biking and salsa dancing. Don't worry, I've also found time for a few cocktails to help ease my weary, tired bones. Because, damn, I love me some gin.

Another (the most?) exciting thing going on lately is that I'm in luurve. He COOKS for me, guys. While I was out on my run last week he made me lunch, cleaned my kitchen and baked me cookies. Baked. Me. Cookies. Truly this man knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach. I'm not going to gush (too much) about the relationship but just know that I'm feeling very content these days.

Anyway.. enough mushy crap. Look! Photographic evidence that we are adorable:

He's probably going to read this at some point and be SO excited that I've mentioned him again. After reading this entry, he admitted that he did a search for his name and words like "boyfriend," only to be disappointed that it was only that one post. Here's the second, babe. You'll probably get a few more down the line. Especially if you keep doing cute things.

Though first I need to come up with a good nickname for him. Referring to him as "j" gets confusing since that's what I normally call myself on social media. Any suggestions?!

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