Monday, June 3, 2013

decide my life: rock climbing edition

I really hate making decisions. Back in November 2011, I started climbing at Rockspot. On a good day it takes about 40 minutes to get there from Somerville. It's a huge waste of time and an even bigger waste of gas. I make the trip because my friends climb there. Currently the meetup group conflicts with my Luna CHIX run team, so I'm splitting my Wednesdays between the two. Two new gyms are in my area and I am having one hell of a time trying to figure out which I should join.

I decided to go for a little pro/con list to see if I could make up my mind..

Brooklyn Boulders
+ super close to my apartment - 1.5 miles (ran it yesterday)
+ crazy amenities - cafe, dry sauna, showers
+ classes included in membership
+ Lu is likely getting a membership here
+ auto belays in case I want to climb by myself but don't want to boulder
+ they plan to have a good amount of cardio equipment, and it's close enough that I could get there before work or on my way home

- expensive (about 3x more than I'm paying for my current rock gym membership)
- definitely seems like more of a bouldering and lead climbing gym
- not opening until August, though if I purchase an advanced membership, I can climb between soft opening (which hasn't been announced) and the grand opening for free

Central Rock Watertown:
+ so. much. top. roping.
+ $65 a month (still more than I am paying not, but less than Brooklyn Boulders)
+ classes included in the membership
+ access to other locations (Hadley, Worcester, Glastonbury - not sure how much I'd take advantage of that)
+ already open - which means I could cancel my Rockspot membership and start climbing closer to home

- not as close to my apartment - 7 miles
- no auto belays, so I'd have to go with people, or boulder on my own
- not sure which, if any, of my friends are planning on joining this gym.
- cardio equipment available, but I probably would still have to keep my membership to Planet Fitness, since I wouldn't want to drive all the way to the rock gym and back to work out in the morning or after work

There is always the option not to join either, but to buy 10 climb passes. It would be more expensive per climb and I don't think I'd have access to any of the classes. I'd also prefer to have a set night when I can climb so that I know it's on my calendar.

I think that I'm leaning towards Brooklyn Boulders. It would mean way less time spent in the car, less money spent on gas, and more flexibility in terms of when I can climb. It would also mean that I don't need to renew my Planet Fitness membership in a few months.

So.. yea, I guess that was the whole point of this blog post. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think I should do, or if you rock climb where you're a member and all that good stuff.

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Dori said...

Brooklyn Boulders - no competition!