Thursday, May 9, 2013

the time i went to california and my brain almost exploded (and other tales)

How the hell is it already the middle of May? I've almost forgotten that I took a two week vacation from work at the beginning of April. The first part of the trip was spent on the West Coast for my annual Team LUNA Chix summit. This was my third year in attendance and it's something that I always look forward to. Unfortunately I got hit with the worst sinus infection I've ever had it and it made the weekend of schmoozing, running, and healthy-living sessions really difficult to handle. I was pretty congested, but the worst part was that I had a headache. Nonstop. For five days. And every time I moved my head too quickly it would feel as though my brain was too big for my skull. And my jaw hurt so much that I could barely chew. BUT, I really did try to make the best of it. I promise!

On Friday, Ashley and I spent most of the day in leader training. After that wrapped up we made our way to Clif corporate where we were joined by fellow teammates Bonnie and Lisa. We enjoyed a wonderful (and healthy!) dinner before heading back to the hotel to try to get a good night's sleep.

I woke up on Saturday feeling pretty miserable, so I took a double dose of cold and sinus medicine. It was a good idea because it enabled me to survive the track workout. But it was probably a bad idea because I'm pretty sure I was a little stoned. Eh, you win some, you lose some, right? The rest of the day was spent in various sessions of which I don't remember a ton since I was coming down from my self-imposed medicine high. I made it through dinner and some of the entertainment before calling it an early night.

I woke up on Sunday feeling slightly less like death, which was a huge improvement. I opted for the long, easy run which amounted to about six miles. After lunch, Ashley and I said goodbye to our fellow LUNA Chix before heading into San Francisco for some sightseeing. We explored the city, took a cable car, and had the most amazing burgers for dinner. On Monday we did about a million more miles of walking (good gracious, those hills are NO joke) and were lucky enough to get on an afternoon tour of Alcatraz. I'm pretty sure I spent the entire day screaming "WELCOME TO.. THE ROOCKKK". It was epic and everything I dreamed it would be an more.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure (like 99%) that I saw a ghost while I was walking around Alcatraz. Ashley doesn't believe me but WHATEVER. I know what I saw.

We rounded out the trip with a red eye on Monday night. Those flights are always a good idea in theory but usually ends up with me wanting to punch myself in the face somewhere over the middle of the country. I got back to Boston on Tuesday morning and had the rest of the week to prepare for the second part of the trip.. road tripping to / rock climbing in West Virginia! More to come on that (soon, I promise!).

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