Wednesday, February 27, 2013

month of movement: week 3

friday, february 15
activity: 2.6 mile run + TRAPEZE!
calories burned:  315 for the run. No HRM worn during the 2 hour trapeze lesson

The weather was beautiful, it seemed like a shame to pass up the opportunity to run. I was wearing crops and a tank top. In February. It was just a short run around the esplanade, but I enjoyed every damn second of it.

After the run, I headed over to the Trapeze School of New York (located in Reading at Jordan's Furniture) to meet Juls. Between our crazy schedules, it was nothing short of a miracle that we were able to schedule this class. When I introduced myself to the instructors I made sure to let them know that I would probably find some way to hurt myself. They laughed and told me that I'd be just fine. Juls and I were then put into the tightest harnesses in the entire world. I mean, it makes sense - you don't want it to be moving around when you're coming off the bar and landing on the net. But it sure is uncomfortable. Juls and I were joined by 8 kids (literally kids, the oldest couldn't have been more than 12) and we started the lesson.

I'd like to think that I'm a pretty bad ass rock climber chick, but I was seriously nervous as I waited for my first chance on the trapeze. First, I was hooked into the safety line, the employee SHOVED HIS HAND behind my harness so that he could ground me as I made my way to the edge. Yea, let's shove a hand in an already too-tight harness. Feels super. It was mostly about following cues like letting go of the bar to hang, or lifting your knees onto the trapeze when instructed.

I was pretty good at getting my knees onto the bar and hanging. After I was comfortable with that I was told to return to the hanging position an get ready for a flip. All you have to do is kick your legs front, back, front and let go. Seems simple, right? I was dubious:

you want me to WHAT?
The first time I did the flip I didn't bend my knees. So, the second time around I did my front, back, front kick, bent my knees and put so much power behind it that I rotated 1 1/2 times and kicked myself in the forehead as I landed. First thing I said as I came off the net was "SEE? I told you I'd hurt myself"

Juls had a little problem with getting her knees up on the bar (hip surgery can explain that one), but the rest of us graduated to catching. The one thing they tell you over and over again is that you need to WAIT until your arms are grabbed by the other person. Then you can close your hands around their wrists. I managed to do just fine the first time, but the second time I grabbed HIS hands before he could grab mine. OOPS. Sorry, bro. Still managed to get a sweet picture out of it:

Moral of a the story: trapeze is fun and I am (still) a natural monkey.

saturday, february 16
activity: 3.45 mile pup run!
calories burned: 425

I had a nice little jaunt with my friend Liz and her adorable pup, Parker. It was a nice, easy pace. Mostly because Parker peed 9485948 times and tried to eat everything on the sidewalk. It's totally cool, though. I'm pretty much in love with him and have been plotting how I can steal him for my own. Sorry, Liz!

sunday, february 17
activity: 30 Day Shred (Level 2)
calories burned: 250

I had made plans with Lu to go to yoga in the morning, but she wasn't feeling well and I woke up sort of late. It was also snowing and a million other excuses that prevent me from going to most yoga classes. I had late morning brunch plans so I decided to revisit the 30 Day Shred. I thought that level 1 would be too easy so I did level 2. I will tell you that I immensely regretted that decision the next day when I could barely move my arms above my head. It was totally worth it, because this was my reward:

maple bacon poptart from tremont 647. I WANT ANOTHER.

monday, february 18
activity: rock climbing
calories burned: 800

It's sort of an unofficial tradition to make the drive to Rockspot Lincoln (Rhode Island) when we have a three-day weekend. It's so fun to climb all new routes. And because everything is so new and exciting, we usually end up climbing until our hands are raw and our bodies are aching. It's pretty awesome, actually.

tuesday, february 19
activity: 4.15 mile run
calories burned:  490

Normally Lauren and I work out together on Tuesday mornings. But when my alarm went off at 6am, my knee was having none of it. Instead I decided to run to/from my lunchtime appointment. I probably won't be doing this again, since I managed to get so sweaty that when I walked in my Dr. asked if I needed "a tissue.. or something?". Awkwaaaard. I will be walking or taking the T from now on.

wednesday, february 20
activity: rock climbing
calories burned: 670

More rock climbing. Our epic climb trip is coming up in about five weeks, so I'm trying to get in as much time at the rock gym as possible.

thursday, february 21
activity: 5 mile walk
calories burned: 520

Spoiler alert -- IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! Though, I guess you already knew that since I blogged about my celebration. The weather was nice and I was feeling pretty sore so I decided to walk to work and part of the way home. Living in Boston, I walk around a good deal, but I've sort of come to like walking to or from work. It's a solid 45 minutes or so where I can relax, listen to podcasts, or catch up on phone calls to my friends and family.

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