Friday, February 8, 2013

month of movement: week 1

I've survived the first full week of my #monthofmovement and you know what? I've been having so much fun. I'd take a picture of my snazzy calendar, but it's at the office. I would have been there today but, you know, Nemo and thundersnow and all of that good stuff.

Here's what I've been up to for week one:

friday, february 1
activity: walking (5.3 miles)
calories burned: 500
I was a biiiit hungover due to some Thursday evening cocktails. I'd like to thank my good friend Lu for teaching me about the nectar of the gods, also known as gin gimlets with a slice of cucumber. I'm pretty much obsessed. Anyway, I walked to work (~3.5 miles)  and then to meet Juls, Danielle and Ashley for dinner and a burlesque show. It was a nice way to start off the challenge.

saturday, february 2
activity: pilates
calories burned: 300
When I mentioned on twitter that I was participating in this little challenge, I asked my friends for some suggestions. One of the first people to respond was my friend Alett, and she suggested we go to a free pilates boot-camp at Quincy Market. I've never taken a pilates class so this definitely counts as my new activity for week one. I was feeling a little tired and sore from the workouts from the rest of the week (which I'm not including here because they were before February 1st!, but you can find them on my dailymile profile) but I stuck with it to the best of my ability. After class, Alett and I went off to have brunch, which of course made the entire endeavor worthwhile.

unintentionally matchy matchy
sunday, february 3
activity: super sunday 5 miler
calories burned: 625
I have to say, I was NOT pleased when I woke up and saw that not only was the real feel 15 degrees, but that it was ALSO snowing. If I wasn't planning on running with several of my LUNA Chix, I'm not sure that I would have made it out to the race. I'm really glad that I went out, it ended up being a ton of fun (especially the post-race party). And not only that, I was able to finally meet some of my twitter friends for the first time! Always exciting to put a face to a twitter handle. My splits were: 10:10, 10:29, 10:08, 10:28, 9:42 with an overall pace of 10:11. Not too bad considering I've been fighting a chest cold for the last three weeks!

monday, february 4
activity: hot yoga
calories burned: 300
Monday was a supremely shitty day. In addition to a stressful work day, I was also dealing with some personal issues and it left me feeling irritable and sad. I really wanted to go home and veg, but I forced myself to waste two hours after work so I could attend a 7:30pm yoga class at Health Yoga Life.  For those of you who know me, you know that yoga and I have a complicated relationship. And by complicated I mean that I mostly hate it. But Shuli's positive attitude is infectious and I find it really hard to be in a bad mood in her class.

tuesday, february 5
activity: 5 mile run
calories burned: 620
The weather was finally nice enough to resume Tuesday morning runs with Lauren. Nice enough for February in New England is when the real feel is above 0 degrees, in case you were wondering. I always enjoy our runs, between the two of us there's never a dull or silent moment, and it always helps to pass the time. Our pace was on the slow side, 10:51, (sorry PT!), but my lungs felt good, and that was important.

wednesday, february 6
activity: rock climbing
calories burned: 570
I was feeling brave and decided to try a 5.11 as my first climb of the night. I did it! And then I tried another 5.11 and I managed to complete that one too! I have a feeling that the routes were rated a wee bit harder than they should be. But you know what? They were labeled as 5.11 and that's what I'm going to call it. All in all a pretty damn good climbing night.

thursday, february 7
activity: zumba
calories burned: 350
I was really excited when my fellow LUNA teammate said that she would join me for zumba class. I don't remember the last time I did zumba. Just long enough, I suppose, to forget how uncoordinated I happen to be. It was fun to spend an hour laughing and dancing. Though, I do have to say that I do not have a future in... dancing of any kind.

Overall it was a great week - five of my seven workouts were with at least one friend. I love that I have friends telling me that they want to be a part of my challenge, and even a couple who are taking it on for themself. At the end of the day, I am looking to be inspired. And if I can spread a little of that along the way, then all the better!

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