Monday, January 7, 2013

panda is my spirit animal

So.. it's 2013. That's weird.

I was going to do a 2012 wrap-up post, but I was feeling a bit (ok, really) lazy and you could also just, you know, read the posts from the last year. This is a self-serve establishment, folks. In a nutshell -- I ran a lot, I rock climbed a lot. I didn't get injured and I'm still single. I think that about sums it up, right?

Anyway, the roommate and I hosted a sparkly New Years Eve party and it was a huge success We played Cards Against Humanity (or at Lauren calls it, Apples to Apples for terrible people) and had lots of fun using the homemade photobooth that we had set up in the dining room. I got way too drunk (oops?) because I drank about two(ish) bottles of champagne on an empty stomach. Why would I do that? Will I ever learn?

Luckily it led to some great photo moments:

The best part of the evening (for me, I'm not sure how other people felt about it) was when I changed into my second outfit of the night. And that, my friends, was THE PANDA SUIT. There was a dance, I made people chant and I apparently had a panda voice. I don't remember this but Ashley mentioned something about me going around and saying things like "WHO'S THE BEST PANDA IN THE WOOOORLD?! I AAAAM". I have to say that the panda suit was probably in the top five of best decisions I made in 2012. I'm pretty sure that everyone at the party would agree. I mean, who could hate panda?

I. Am. Precious.

I may or may not remember the entire evening. I don't remember asking France "Why doesn't anyone want to make out with me in real life?", or talking serious Pretty Little Liars theories with Sarah and Ashley. No recollection (luckily) of taking a dive off of a stool, either. I DO remember being the sorest of losers in Cards Against Humanity, evening screaming "I AM SO FUNNY IN REAL LIFE! WHY AM I NOT FUNNY IN THIS GAME?!". I also remember laughing - a lot. Isn't that the sign of a great night? There was some drama, but isn't there always? What can I say? Pandas have a lot of feelings.

I woke up in the morning and one of the first things I had  to say was "I only remember the fun parts". Despite any of that silliness, it was an amazing evening spent with some of the best people in my life. I'm hoping that I can spend 2013 only remembering the fun parts. In a panda suit.

Tell me about your New Years Eve - bonus points if you link me to pictures of you very drunk and/or in costume.

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