Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a month of movement

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. The scale is moving in the wrong direction and my eating is slightly out of control. I'm active but not feeling inspired. Instead of complaining that I feel fat (which I do), and that my clothing doesn't look right (it doesn't), I have decided do something about it.

It's challenge time. 

I have always been very goal oriented. Knowing the end result helps me figure out the steps to get there. It's why I can never find the motivation to run more than five miles when I'm not training for a race and it's why I am forever making check-lists. There's something really satisfying and motivating to me about completing a task. With February on its way (seriously, how is it already the second month of 2013?!), I have decided on the challenge:

a month of movement

challenge: engage in some form of activity every day of the month of February.
challenge part II: try four new activities (one per week)
challenge part III: (hopefully) find some motivation along the way

In addition to reclaiming some of my exercise mojo, I'm hoping to use this as a way to spend more time with my friends. I am truly lucky to have some wonderfully athletic people in my life. This is a way to expose myself to activities that I wouldn't have otherwise considered as an option.

As a way to document my progress, and to keep me honest, I've got a February calendar that I'll use to plan my activities. It's pretty bare right now, but I know that it will fill up rather quickly. Purple will be used for the new activities, two of which I already have finalized. I'm going to Pilates this Saturday with my friend Alett, and doing a trapeze lesson on the 15th with Julia. Still taking suggestions for other "new" activities. Some ideas I've had have been salsa dancing or hooping.

Is anyone interested in joining me for my month of movement challenge? Or to suggest any activities that include in the month? Check back soon to see my progress!

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