Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 race schedule - the realistic version

Back in early December I had planned to run Hyannis at the end of February and then Eastern States a month later.  You know what? It's really easy to make a race schedule when the weather is mild and before everyone you've EVER MET has contracted the flu. Just as I was trying to get back into a normal running and workout routine I was knocked on my ass for all of last week. I'm finally starting to feel better but considering how terrible Monday's run was on my lungs and legs, I don't think that I'm in the right place to start training for Hyannis. I mean, could I train for a half in a little over five weeks? Yea, probably. But it wouldn't be pretty, and it wouldn't be fun. The weather has been bouncing back and forth between frigid and downright pleasant, and my poor body doesn't know how to react. The only thing I've been doing with any consistency is rock climbing, and even that has been mediocre.

Staying active in the winter can be really tough - especially if you're living in New England. The days are short, people are (even more) miserable, and sometimes the entire world feels as though it's covered in a layer of ice. It's really difficult to ply myself out of bed when the temperatures are barely getting above freezing. And for all of the excuses in the world you know what I've realized? Right now I'm just not in a running frame of mind - and that's okay. Running is my longtime love but sometimes I just need a break. Don't worry baby, I'll come back. I always do.

Hyannis is out, so why not take the time I'd spend running and do workouts that are actually enjoyable. Instead of focusing on rebuilding my mileage, I'm going to work on my general cardiovascular fitness and to try to slim down a bit. It's always nice to go into race season a few pounds lighter. I'd still keep my base with a couple of runs a week, but it wouldn't be my focus. And I'd like to run Eastern States but I don't know that I'd be totally disappointed if I let myself take the winter off to mentally and physically recuperate from the shit-show that was the end of my marathon training.

Oh, did I mention that I officially submitted my request to accept guaranteed entry into the 2013 NYC Marathon? Yeaaaa, that's happening.

This all means that I have altered my 2013 race schedule just a bit. You'll see a few new additions - one of which is the Five Boro Bike tour, which is a 40 mile ride through New York City. The other is the Ashland Sprint Triathlon instead of the Max Performance Season Opener. After talking to Juls, I think that might be a better option for my first triathlon. The third addition is Tufts 10k, which I had simply forgotten to include the first time around. The last is the Chicago half, a race that I did (and loved) last year. I'm sure my calendar will continue to shift and change as the year goes on but I am pretty happy with how it currently stands. It's a good assortment of distances ranging from 5k to marathon, and activities - with a triathlon and a bike event thrown in there.

February 3 - Super Sunday 5 miler
February 24 - Hyannis half marathon
March 10 - Ras Na Heireann 5k
March 30 - Eastern States/Run for the Border half marathon 
May 5  - TD Five Boro Bike Tour
May 12 - Max Performance Season Opener Sprint Tri
May/June - TBD Half Marathon or Reach the Beach?
June 5 - Ashland Sprint Triathlon
Mid-July - Start training for the NYC marathon (again...)
September 8 - Chicago Half Marathon
October 6 - Applefest half marathon
October 14 - Tufts 10k for Women
November 3 - ING NYC marathon
November 28 - Garden City Turkey Trot 5 miler
December 15 - Jingle Bell 5k

Maybe it means that this is not the year for a half marathon PR, and I think that I'm okay with that. I want to make sure that I go into marathon training (again, ugh) this summer feeling strong both mentally and physically.

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