Sunday, December 9, 2012

looking ahead: 2013 race schedule

I haven't run all that much since the marathon. I also haven't really been blogging. So, uh, sorry about that. Yea, I've been a little lazy, but I've also been doing other things! Like going to a bridal shower! And the ballet! And rock climbing! Though I haven't been doing much of anything except cycling in the last week due to the healing tattoo. I'd say I should be able to get back into running and climbing shoes sometime this week! I've had a lot of time on my hands and it's given me a chance to think about my potential 2013 racing schedule.

February 3 - Super Sunday 5 miler
February 24 - Hyannis half marathon
March 10 - Ras Na Heireann 5k
March 30 - Eastern States/Run for the Border half marathon
May 12 - Max Performance Season Opener Sprint Tri (????)
May/June - TBD Half Marathon or Reach the Beach?
Mid-July - Start training for the NYC marathon (again...)
October 6 - Applefest half marathon
November 3 - ING NYC marathon
November 28 - Garden City Turkey Trot 5 miler
December 15 - Jingle Bell 5k

Half marathons are my favorite racing distance. And I think that I'd really like to train towards a new PR. My fastest half time is 2:15:43 and I really think that with the right training I could beat that. Hyannis is not a flat course, so it probably wouldn't be there. But Eastern States is nice and flat and if the weather cooperates that could be my chance. Also, I'd probably try to bang out a couple of half marathons while training for NYC - I think it's a good way to break up the distance and to see new scenery.

Notice that there's a sprint triathlon up there. I've been saying for a while now that I'd like to try a tri (tee hee) and I think that 2013 might finally be the year. A may tri wouldn't interfere with the marathon and with the plan of two half marathons in late winter/early spring, it would be a nice change of pace and training. Also, I'd hope that it'd bring me into marathon training with fresh legs and a positive attitude.

Have you planned out your races for 2013? Or do you have a half marathon in the New England area that you think I should run in May or June? SHARE!

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