Friday, December 21, 2012

floating ribs are stupid

I went 18 days without running, It was a combination of laziness and then a healing foot tattoo (which looks amazing and perfect and I love more each day, in case you were wondering).  I had originally made my tattoo appointment for November 16 but postponed until December 1 so I'd be able to run the Turkey Trot with my dad. In doing this, I realized that I probably wouldn't be able to run much between that and the Somerville Jingle Bell 5k that was scheduled for December 16.

So, right, 18 days with no running. I decided that I didn't want my first run in almost three weeks to be a 5k race, so I went out for a nice, easy run on Saturday. The weather was perfect (to me) - partly sunny, chilly and no wind. As soon as I stepped out I felt some pain in my back. I assumed that it was the shock of the cold air and kept going. I did a little over three miles and while it did bother me, it wasn't enough to stop me from running so I wasn't altogether concerned. I was distracted by my friend Liz's arrival so I didn't think much about it for the rest of the day. The next morning I woke up feeling a little sore but again, I didn't worry too much. The race went well (31:05 Garmin time - 10:22, 9:52, 9:38 splits) and I had fun running with Lauren and Juls. Again I did feel the pain in my back but assumed it was from breathing in the cold air.

I rested on Monday and somehow managed to get through an interval workout on the dreadmill on Tuesday. Lauren was next to me for part of the workout and I think she could tell that I was struggling. On Wednesday I made the (probably poor) decision to go climbing, I felt fine until I tried to do an overhang climb. I came down, unable to complete the climb because it hurt too much to take deep breaths. I woke up Thursday morning barely able to get my hands above my head or to twist my upper body. I called my chiropractor and was told that he was booked solid on Thursday and Friday but that I'd get a call if there were any cancellations.

For those of you who know me at all - you know that I have a history of being a little bit of a hypochondriac. I've been put on a permanent web md ban, and my mom constantly tries to convince me that I have diabetes. The entire time I was (not so quietly) convinced that my IUD had punctured my uterus, or that my kidneys were exploding. Thank goodness my chiro had a cancellation and was able to see me yesterday. I explained my symptoms and he barely missed a beat before saying "Oh, it's your ribs. We can just pop those right back in."

I'm sorry - say WHA?

Apparently I had popped out my floating ribs. That's why it was painful for me to take deep breaths or to twist. He also did some active release in QL4 - which is near where the kidneys are located and in my upper lumbar region (I think?). None of it was fun, by the way. But as soon as he was done working on me I had regained some mobility. My muscles were still inflamed, but I was able to twist, lift my arms above my head and most importantly, take a deep breath without pain. I left the office with instructions not to run or climb until I was feeling 100% and to continue to ice it frequently.

Also, we have no idea how I managed to do this to myself. There was no trauma, no fall, no nothing. I am, apparently the queen of injuring myself simply by breathing. I feel like I deserve some sort of a trophy. Or at least some candy.

The moral of the story? There's a difference between being sore and being injured. Listen to your body and know when to treat with rest and when to go to a trained professional. Oh, and don't let your mother convince you that you have diabetes. Believe me - it's bad news bears.

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