Wednesday, October 24, 2012

your music, i needz it

After just about fifteen weeks of marathon training (oh, have I mentioned at all that I'm training for a race? Maybe just once or twice?) I've listened to every song on my shuffle approximately four hundred times and I. Am. Bored.

I've already asked a few friends to give me some ideas for songs. I have to say, I did get some really great suggestions!

From my friend Cim. I destroyed countless Barbies in our youth. It wasn't my fault that their heads popped off so easily..

Self-explanatory. I rule, obviously

Noddin' my head like yeaa, movin' my hips like yeaa.

One of my favorite karaoke songs. I pity those who have to hear me sing. It's not pretty.

Mariah. 'Nuff said.

You know how much I love Peter Gabriel, right? Well, Simon and Garfunkle are a close second to the Gabe. A very close second.

But I need more! I'm going to be out there for almost five hours, and that is where you come in, friends and internet strangers! Name a song, or five, that make you think of me. Or, if you don't know me all that well, tell me what songs keep you pumped and positive? I'll put it on my iPod and perhaps it can help to divert my attention when I am running over one of the five bridges of the marathon. Think of it as you doing your own little part in me not hurling myself into the East River.

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