Thursday, October 18, 2012

race recap: tufts 10k

Remember how I was sick, got stoned on Mucinex and then ran my second fastest half marathon? Well, two days after that race I found myself at the start line for the Tufts 10k. I'm pretty sure that I had no idea that the races were two days apart when I registered. Oops. I had an 8 miler at marathon pace on the schedule and I figured that wouldn't be a problem since my quads felt like someone had pounded them with a meat tenderizer. Julia (coming off of an epic PR at BAA the day before), Ashley and I decided to just take it easy at the race. Shouldn't be too hard, right? A two mile warm up to the race start and then a nice little 6.2 mile jaunt through Boston.


We hit mile 1 in 10:20 and my legs start to loosen up. We do a lot of weaving between women who do NOT SEED THEMSELVES properly for this race. If you're walking within the first ten minutes of the race, then maybe you shouldn't start with the seven minute milers. Just sayin'. Mile 2 in 10:21 and feeling really good.. The route of this race is one that I run often so I don't have to worry about anything unexpected. Mile 3 in 10:10 and I look at Juls and said "You know this isn't taking it easy, right?" and we laugh because that's not something that's in our vocabulary, apparently. Mile 4 in 10:01 and I think to myself "holy crap, are we actually getting FASTER?". We hit mile 5 in 9:29. We're too far off to get Juls a PR, but realize that there's one within my reach and we kick it up a little more. When we hit mile 6 in 8:52 and the answer is YES, we are getting faster. And holy crap, I am shocked. I don't know if I've ever run a sub-9:00 mile (I'm slow, I know, whatever) in a race and certainly not at the tail end of eight miles.

I may or may not have stopped my Garmin around mile 4 when Juls stopped to go to the bathroom so her watch time was 1:02 while I am going to insist that mine be counted as 1:01:10. SO SUE ME. Either way it blows my previous 10k PR of 1:04:42 out of the water.

So, moral of the story? I rule.

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