Tuesday, October 2, 2012

and sometimes running really sucks

So, remember how I said it was really important for me to have two good 20 milers? Yep, I believe that was called jinxing myself. I woke up on Saturday morning and it was cold, damp and gray with rain in the forecast. I made an executive decision to postpone until Sunday since it was supposed to be warmer and partly sunny.

Except that it wasn't partly sunny. And it certainly wasn't warmer.

Instead I got rain. For pretty much all 20.5 miles.

It started to rain when I was a couple of blocks from home. I was smart enough to turn back to get a waterproof vest. I can't even imagine how soaked I would have been if I hadn't put that layer on. It was cold, windy and pretty miserable as I ran into Boston and made my way down Comm Ave.  It was really cute when my Garmin froze and shut off. That's okay, who needs a pesky little thing like distance when you're running 20 miles, right? Good thing I have an app on my iPhone that I was able to use. Thanks to a million puddles and the one dickhead driver who almost went up on the curve, splashing me with water from head to toe in the process, I was soaked by the time I got to Ashley's apartment in Brighton. I should probably apologize to her roommate because I walked in and let off about ten f-bombs in a three minute period.

Our route took us all the way down Comm ave into Newton and then back on Beacon Street. The rain would stop only to start spitting on us all over again. That's what I felt like -- like the running gods were punishing me for being a lazy jerk on Saturday. Although, I guess going rock climbing and food shopping isn't exactly sloth-like behavior. Anyway, we were moving slowly because of the hills on Beacon and I just couldn't get myself out of this negative place. On the way over to Ashley's I kept trying to pump myself up with positive thoughts. That quickly disintegrated into a string of profanities that always ended with "...but really you just suck".

With stopping at Ashley's apartment, the bathroom breaks, and water stops - I was out in the cold and rain for almost SIX hours. I went through all my fuel and actually had to stop at Marathon Sports in Brookline at mile 16.5 to pick up some more because I was starving. I had to miss an appointment to do a cake tasting with my friend because it just took way longer than I could have anticipated. I also had Julia pick me up in Central Square because the idea of riding on the T after the day I'd had was just horrifying.

I had a good cry about the run, talked it out with a lot of my runner friends and I still don't feel any better about it. I KNOW that it's not really a huge deal. One crappy run is one crappy run. I can only hope (and pray) that my next 20 miler is better. Although right now the bar is set pret-ty damn low, so that shouldn't be hard to beat. Provided that I don't projectile vomit, break an ankle or die it will automatically be better than this weekend's run.

And to add insult to injury I am totally fighting off a cold. I am going to do everything possible to stop my body from imploding. My knee has actually been behaving. I'll be damned if a stupid cold knocks me out right before the marathon. Hear that body? I AM NOT HAVING ANY OF THIS.

How do you stay healthy - mentally and physically - in the days and weeks leading up to a big race? I am feeling VERY stressed these days (and the awful run didn't help) and I don't think it's helping my immune system at all!

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