Sunday, August 12, 2012

and then I ran (almost) 11 miles

Today I ran 10.65 miles. By myself. That's sort of a big deal for a couple of reasons: It's the longest distance I've run by myself in well over a year (likely more) and it's the first time I've run double digits since my last half marathon at the end of March.

Oh yea, and I didn't puke.

I've decided that I'm going to use the next few runs to play around with my fueling and hydration to see what will work for me in the long run. After last week's vomit-fest I don't think I could stomach any Gatorade. I think that the sugar overload was what did me in. And that makes a lot of sense considering I can't stomach Gu's and often opt for chews or things that I can parse out over a couple of miles.  I tried out the tri-berry Nuun on my Friday tempo run and I didn't have any stomach issues and decided to use it for today's long run. I got off to a little bit of a later start than I'd originally anticipated - it was just about 10:45 by the time I was out the door. But at least I looked super cute in my new tank?

It was hot. And humid. But what else is new in Boston this summer? I usually feel as though I'm breathing through a wet sponge when I'm running and today wasn't too much different. Luckily there was a slight breeze and my running route had a lot of tree coverage. I ended up eating a package of PowerBar Energy Bursts in lemon. They're gel-filled chews and once I got over the weird consistency, they were actually pretty tasty. I was sweating like an animal (what else is new?) so I ended up going through 32 ounces of water with two Nuun tablets. I also knew that I was probably losing a ton of salt so I had two salt tablets as well. My stomach felt good - great actually!

In terms of pace it was a sloooow run. And you know what? It was supposed to be. My target was marathon pace + 30 seconds. My marathon goal is 4:50, which works out to be about an 11 minute mile. Today's run was an 11:23 pace, so I was pretty much spot on. There were times when I felt like  I was moving at a snail's pace (and I guess I sort of was?) and I wanted to just take off -- but I didn't. According to Runner's World, advocates of this method believe that by running slower than your anticipated marathon pace it "allows you to get in your miles, with all the desired physical and mental benefits, while limiting your risk of injury. To increase your speed, you can enter races, or do faster workouts on other days of the week." And that's why I do track Tuesdays and a mid-week tempo run.

Week four of marathon training is DONE! 22 miles run, two cross training workouts for a total of 3480 calories burned. Seeing as how I baked zucchini sweet potato bread and banana carrot bread it is safe to say that there is NO calorie deficit for the week. Worth every calorie.

Tell me about your week! The good, the bad and the ugly. Bonus points if you puked.

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