Thursday, July 5, 2012

the time i became an internet sensation (except not really)

Oh hi, remember me? Vaguely? Well, I'm sorry about my absence. Life has been hectic since the move. First of all, I survived it! It went pretty well, actually. After begging a couple of times on Facebook I was able to get seven of my friends to help that Saturday morning to load up the truck. My friends are total work-horses, and damn, I love them for it. I could not believe how quickly we got the truck loaded. By the time my parents rolled in it was like "thanks for gracing us with your presence, but we're pretty much all set here". So, right, my friends are amazing. I'm pretty sure that without their help my dad would have ended up having a heart attack. So, friends who helped me to move all of my worldly possessions, you're amazing.

My first night in the apartment was June 23rd, and Julia and I had planned to have our housewarming party on the evening of the 27th. This meant that I had to kick my ass into gear to get everything unpacked. The point of our party was only partially to show off our awesome new place. The other reason was that we wanted to show our closest friends something pretty exciting. For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, this is old news. But for those of you who havent, here it is -- we're (internet) famous(ish!). We were cast for the Boston episode of a web series (hosted by Ford, as you'll be able to tell within the first 3 seconds) where we competed in challenges around Boston against two other teams. The winning team of each city would then go to LA to compete for two Ford Focus Electric cars. Also, each episode has its own celebrity host. Ours was Rocco DiSpirito, a fellow Boston University alumnus. We submitted our video back in March, but didn't film until the end of May and let me tell you, it was REALLY difficult not to mention it. But since we basically signed our lives and first born children away, I didn't want to say anything that could get me or Julia into trouble.

Those of you who know me know that I am pretty obsessed with reality television. So, even though this isn't exactly a real reality show, it's probably the closest I'll ever get to it. What I learned about reality tv is that you eventually forget that your every move is being recorded, and that every word you utter is being captured because you have a microphone taped to your shirt. I've watched a lot of reality television and have often said to myself "how can they say something so stupid?" and now I know how easily it happens. Also, the way the shows are edited make it look a lot more exciting and fast paced than it really is. Most of the (very, VERY long) day was spent just.. hanging out. That worked out well for me since between my nerves and the caffeine, I had to pee just about every fifteen minutes. Luckily, they did not include me whining about that in any part of the show.

All in all the experience was intense, hilarious, exhausting and incredibly fun. We went into filming  wanting to have fun and had no expectations about winning. It was actually really fun going through the entire process with Julia. We had such a good time with everything from filming our submission video (and then getting drunk while editing it), to driving around the city in the Focus Electric. And I think we made a pretty good team, if I do say so myself. Also, I guess we were pretty likeable since they used some of our footage and interviews to put together a little clip on the car!

And now, without further adieu.. our webisode! I've watched it so many times at this point that I no longer cringe when I hear my own laugh or see my (many) silly facial expressions. Enjoy!

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