Wednesday, July 25, 2012

oh right, about that marathon

The days keep creeping by and the NYC marathon is getting closer and closer (14 weeks and 4 days, but who's counting?) and I'm in the middle of week two of my sixteen week training program. It will be my second (and likely my last) marathon so I want to try to keep the misery to a minimum (is that even possible?). I've been doing a lot of thinking about what my goals are for this race and here's what I've come up with:
  • Stay healthy:  I actually managed to stay mostly injury free while training for Disney. I did have a pretty disastrous 20 miler where my IT band seized up. At mile 14. It actually hurt more to walk than to run and I collapsed into a pile of tears when I finished. My knee likes to act up from time to time. And those times are more frequently these days. I'm going to do whatever I can to keep myself in the best running health possible. That will include stretching, foam rolling, icing, trips to the chiropractor and probably a lot of wine. Wine is good for your heart, and you need your heart for running. Legit, right?
  • PR: I finished Disney in 4:59:30, so it really shouldn't be TOO hard to beat that time. However, that was before I had my second knee surgery. I've had to accept that I am a different runner than I was before. Not any better or worse, just different. I can't run 4+ times a week, I just can't. My knee would revolt and it would be bad news. I can, however, do three solid runs a week and get in some quality cross-training for the rest of the week.
  • Have fun: Running is supposed to be enjoyable. I want the overall tone of my training and my race to be positive. Yesterday I did a (very sloooww) seven miler with Danielle and Emma. As we stepped out of the apartment the skies opened up and we were caught in a torrential downpour. And we kept going. It didn't rain for long, but we were soaked by the time it stopped. We had a ton of fun. We always do when we run together. I know that I'm going to have some really difficult, miserable runs, especially as I get into higher mileage weeks. But for now I am trying to focus on the parts of running that make me the most happy.
  • Don't die: I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory.
When I trained for Disney, my friend (and now roommate!) Julia made a marathon training program for me that worked really well. This time around, I went to the twitterverse to see if anyone wanted to take a shot at making a plan for me. That's where Brian comes in. He asked me a lot of questions about my goals, my health, and my current running routine before creating a schedule that he thought would work for me. Taking into account my knee he came up with a schedule that has me running three days a week with rest days before and after my long run. On a regular week this would be my schedule:
  • Monday: cross-training (cycling, swimming, rock climbing and light weights)
  • Tuesday: track workout
  • Wednesday: mid-distance tempo run
  • Thursday: cross-training
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: long run
  • Sunday: rest
Of course life isn't that simple and in any given week I have to at least somewhat juggle the routine to make it work. For example, this week I did my tempo run on Tuesday, will do my track workout today and my long run on Friday before I go out of town for the weekend.
Talk to me about your current training - what's your next race? How do you juggle your workouts while still going to work and having a social life? 

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