Wednesday, May 9, 2012

this is why i'm crazy

Oh, you know, just a normal phone conversation with my mother:

me:      between last night and this morning, i came down with a cold
mom:  oh baby, i'm sorry. are you at work? you should go home and rest
me:      i took some mucinex, i'll be fine
mom:  are you sure?
me:      yes..  i don't know if it's related but i'm having a hard time focusing my eyes. things look.. fuzzy?
mom:  have you been eating a lot of sugar lately?
me:      i don't know, maybe? no? what does that have to do with anything?
mom:  i mean, when people with diabetes eat too much sugar it can have that effect on their vision.
me:      i don't have diabetes
mom:  people can get diagnosed with diabetes at any age
mom:  you never kn --
me:      i have to go. you're too crazy for me right now

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