Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am running the 2012 ING New York City Marathon.

I entered last year and didn't get in and was pretty bummed about it. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I spent a good chunk of 2011 injured and feeling sorry for myself. I entered again this year simply because I'd keep me eligible for the three years and in. I figured I'd get denied for the next two years and then get guaranteed entry in 2014.  I even had tentative plans to run the Richmond Marathon, which happens to be the weekend right after NYC. Basically, I assumed I had no shot of getting in to NYC. Tricky, tricky marathon gods!

The drawing was yesterday, and Twitter was all aflutter about the site being down. I read a few tweets that said people's credit cards were getting charged and on a lark, I signed into my account and there it was... a $255 charge from the New York Road Runners association. My first thought was that it was a mistake, that the charge would be reversed and I'd feel like an idiot if I got too excited. I actually Googled "my credit card was charged, did I get into the NYC marathon?". Twice. It kept bringing me to the New York Road Runner's FAQ where it said that you do NOT get charged unless you have been accepted into the race. I kept waiting for the charge to be reversed, for them to be like "lulz, jk! you're not allowed to run this race!". But when I was able to log into the NYRR website I saw this:

I have wanted to run the NYC marathon for as long as I can remember - well before my first race. I have vivid memories of my dad going out on his morning runs, and heading into the city for tune-up races. He ran the marathon in 1989, 1990 and 1991. A couple of years ago, when I had a few half marathons under my belt, I got a package with his 1990 finisher's medal. Inside was a note that said "middle medal for my middle kid. you can give me yours one day". It's up on my medal marathon rack, and I can't wait until I can put my own next to it. Because, let's be honest -- there's no way that I'm giving it to him. SORRY DAD. He can have my Disney marathon medal. That's fair, right? My dad was, of course, the first person I called yesterday. He kept telling me that he was proud of me, even though I haven't done it (yet), and that he can't wait to see me running.

We have a proud papa on our hands!

To say that I am ecstatic to have my family and friends cheer me on while I run the New York City Marathon is an understatement. To everyone who offered me congratulations and happy words, THANK YOU! I hope you have some more positive support to give me in the next six months. I'm pretty sure that getting in through the lottery is the easy part. It's the training that's a bitch.

Is anyone else running the NYC Marathon? For others, what's the next race or event that you're looking forward to?

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