Monday, March 26, 2012

a week in review

Last week was a pretty fun and eventful one for me. I could write a really long-winded blog with details that you don't need to know and probably won't particularly care about. But instead you get pictures. That's sort of fun, right? I'm working on an Eastern States half marathon recap. I had such a great time that I want to give it a proper blog entry. So, stay tuned for that. Until then.. pictures:

And sometimes you need to make your run an 80s theme.
Imagine our surprise/delight when we showed up for our Tuesday night run/tv/dinner date as TWINSIES.
Oh Boston. There you go, making me love you all over again.
Spring and summer hit in one week. It was good while it lasted.
Best twitter comment in response to this photo: "You look like a Japanime character"
Outfit for girls night. I was pretty proud of this one.
Ladiez (minus Danielle, who had not yet arrived!)

Showed up to the race way too early. Ended up napping shortly after I took this picture.
Yea, I dry my sports bras on heat vents. What of it?
This is what victory looks like. I think I smelled like victory, too.
The blender that I used exactly 1.5 times before the blender imploded and led to green sludge all over my counter. It was lovely. Needless to say, I will be exchanging that at Target this week.. 

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