Thursday, March 1, 2012

three things thursday

1. Run to the Border Half Marathon - I ran a half marathon this past weekend (#8! recap to come) and there's a lot of time between now and Reach the Beach (12 weeks!). I thought that another half marathon would help motivate me to keep up my mileage. I would have preferred an early/mid April race, but I couldn't find a course that was flat enough.

I've run two half marathons in consecutive weekends, back when I was training for the marathon. So, to have a month between races is new to me. It's going to be tricky to fit in a run this weekend - I have a friend staying with me on Friday, and then Saturday morning I'm going climbing and then heading straight for Northampton for a concert. I'll be back sometime on Sunday and exhausted, I'm sure. I'm going to try to fit in a 7-8 mile run at some point, 10 miles the week after, and then back down to 6-7 the weekend before the race. It's a flat, fast course, and I've already done the distance at Hyannis (and it was HILLY and windy), so I won't hike up my mileage too much.

2. As a member of the Boston LUNA Chix, I'm invited to attend the yearly summit with my team mates. We'll spend the first couple of days in Berkeley at Summit - participating in all sorts of fun activities like trail runs, hula hooping classes and morning yoga. Last year's trip was so much fun and what's even better is that we're staying a few extra days to spend some time in Sonoma and San Francisco! Maybe we can go to Bachelor Ben's vineyard. JUST KIDDING! I'd never drink that douchebag's wine - unless it were free. Because really, who can turn down free wine?

3. About a month ago, I received an email from my friend Lori asking if I'd like to tag along on a short trip to Puerto Rico at the end of May/early June. I've never been, despite my coworker thinking that I was Puerto Rican, and it's pretty hard to turn down an island getaway. And then she told me that the hotel was being paid for with points (ie I would only have to pay for airfare and spending money) and I said HELL YES. Well, actually I said "let me check with my boss", but when he approved of the time off I said HELL YES. I'm sure that it's going to be brutally hot, but who cares? It's a chance to spend some quality time with a friend and to lounge on a beach.

Speaking of the beach, I guess that means I'm going to be in a bikini. EGADS. There's going to be some major exercise and dieting going on before that happens.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming months? Going on an awesome trip? Running a kick ass race? Tell me about it!

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