Thursday, February 9, 2012

go shawty it's (almost) your birthday

My birthday used to be such a big deal. Or at least I'd make it a big deal for myself and everyone around me. I would joke to my friends that I should be allowed to celebrate all month. Except I was only half kidding and did expect them to let me be a birthday princess for the entire month of February. But this year I was feeling really lackadaisical and bratty about planning something for myself. I mean, really, if I'm being honest, I've always wanted to be surprised with a party. Is that really so much to ask for? And is it just me or does 28 seem like such a filler birthday? I had almost decided on doing nothing at all, except moping around my apartment and complaining on Twitter about how I'm really 90 years old. But then I snapped myself out of it and the birthday princess (sort of) returned.

After much thought I decided on a laid back bar night on the Sunday right before my birthday. Unlike last year, there will be NO TEQUILA SHOTS, no matter how much I beg for them. Seriously. No one feed me tequila. I know it's hilarious to get me blackout drunk. But I only end up angry or crying, and no one wants to deal with that shit from me again. On my actual birthday I'm going to get getting together with a small group of friends and heading to a pottery painting studio that allows you to BRING YOUR OWN WINE.

And just like that I've gone from dreading my 28th birthday to being incredibly excited for it. I don't often get to gather all of my friends in the same space, so it'll be a nice chance to see them not once, but twice, within the span of a week. There won't be dancing/singing cross-dressers, like there were for my 26th birthday, but I think we'll still have a lot of fun.

That look on my face? It's a mixture of awe. And tequila

Any other February babies out there? What are you planning to do for your birthday this year?

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