Monday, January 2, 2012

weeks two and three

So, week two was a little bit of a failure. I could make excuses and say that I was sore or that I was busy hanging out with my family for most of the week. But really, I just wanted to relax and do nothing. Let's call it my Christmas present to myself, shall we? And at least I got two runs in, even if my total mileage didn't top 10 miles.

Week three was definitely more respectable. I only ran twice, but I was very active on most other days. I got to try my first Physique 57 class (which was great, but not 35 dollars great), and get in a bike ride in New York before heading back to Boston on Wednesday to resume my regularly scheduled programming, er -- exercising.

Considering the fact that it was the holiday season and I was in New York for about six days, weeks two and three weren't all that bad. Still some improvements to be made, but I'm going to give myself some credit for the workouts I did while at my parent's house.

Are you training for any races? What does a typical week look like for you? How do you stay active when you're thrown off of your routine?

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