Monday, January 9, 2012

week four

So.. basically all I did was run or rock climb. Except on Monday, when I did both. Tuesday morning was.. interesting. And by interesting I mean I felt like someone had punched me repeatedly in that spot between my shoulder blades. Normally I do fighter fitness on Mondays, but they were closed, so that explains the abundance of climbing last week. Also, the double workout early in the week is why I had two rest days. Running-wise, I'm pretty pleased with my mileage and my pacing.

I am still entertaining the thought of doing a sprint triathlon in the Spring. That would mean that I should probably get back in the pool at some point. Oh, and back on the bike, since the last time I checked a triathlon does actually include more than just running and swimming. I feel like I need to be running three times a week, and I'm not willing to give up on my two days of climbing, and then there's my Monday night fighter fitness classes. So that leaves me with one my rest day. I suppose I could also double up on a workout and add in a bike or swim there.

Any suggestions of how to start ramping up for a sprint tri? I mean, other than trying to CREATE another day of the week, which seems difficult and a little messy. Any and all advice is appreciated! 

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