Monday, January 30, 2012

week 7

I was still getting over my cold, so I decided to give myself an extra rest day this week. I think I may need to see if I can switch fighter fitness days because I end up going non-stop from Saturday to Wednesday and by the time Thursday rolls around I am one big ball of soreness.

My long run on Saturday was fine. Just okay. I felt extremely dehydrated during/after despite bringing a small water bottle with me. I came home with a nasty headache and pretty much slept for the rest of the morning/early afternoon until I started feeling human again. In other news, I'm really starting to see some major improvements with my climbing. I can now officially say that I'm a 5.9 climber who's working on 5.10(-). Don't have any idea what that means? No worries, but feel free to tell me how awesome that sounds.

Tell me about your training week - what were your highs and lows? Did you, at any point, feel like a total bad ass? I know I did (see below and try not to be too jeals of my sweet skills)! 

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