Sunday, January 15, 2012

week 5

Monday's fighter fitness class was insane - after our warm-up we did 50 pull-ups (with straps), 100 push-ups, 150 sit-ups, and 200 squats. Oh, and following that, 1000 jumps with the rope. Tuesday's run helped a little bit to shake out the soreness, just in time for me to shred my arms and back climbing on Wednesday. I decided to give myself a break and took rest days on Thursday and Friday. Much needed, if you ask me.

My run on Saturday was.. challenging. I should have known that it would be after I fell about 50 feet after starting. I wasn't hurt, but it definitely scared me and put me in a weird mood for the run. Also, there were a couple of miles that we were running directly into the wind and it sucked. It took so much energy to fight against the 20mph winds that I was just really cranky towards the end of the run. My calf was also bothering me (hey, at least it's not the knee?). But it's done and my knee hasn't flared up again so I'm going to put that slow, awful run behind me and look forward to next week.

How was your week? What were your training highs and lows?

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