Friday, December 30, 2011

a year in the life - 2011 edition (part I)

Last year I did a painfully in-depth recap of my year. I don't think anyone needed to know about my year's occurrences in that amount of detail, but did that stop me from writing about it? Does it ever? The answer is always: HELL NO. So here's my 2011 recap, I can't believe it's almost 2012. I'm just hoping that if the end of the world comes this year, that it just ends instead of being a zombie apocalypse. That's my only request. NO ZOMBIES. 

Dude. I ran a mararthon! On Sunday, January 9, 2011, I became a marathoner. Me. The girl who has actually uttered the words "I'm just not built to run". It was such an epic experience - there's nothing quite like running through the entire Magic Kingdom and then high-fiving Mickey and Minnie at the finish line. I will remember that race (except for miles 13-17, when I mentally blacked out but was still physically running) for the rest of my life.

just after crossing the finish line
While spending some time in Orlando before and after the race, I managed to miss two blizzards. January ended up being one HELL of a month for snowfall in Boston, and I got a lot of shoveling practice and cursed the day I decided to move even further north.

My blog turned two! Soon it's going to turn into one of those screaming toddlers who walks around your apartment throwing shit on the floor because it just learned to walk and to cause one hell of a ruckus?. Just wait for it.. 

I celebrated my 27th birthday with some of my amazing friends. I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) with how many people came out to celebrate me. To show my excitement, I got blackout drunk and then proceeded to have a major fight with Manfriend (remember that douche?) because he thought I'd slept with my guy friend while he was traveling for work. Good thing I was so drunk that I didn't remember the whole fight? Unfortunately my not-as-drunk friends did. Embarrassing.

I also ran the Hyannis Half Marathon. In the snow. I had no idea then that it would be my first and last half marathon of 2011. Despite being soaked to the bone, I had so much fun. Manfriend actually made the trip with me, and the last time I saw him was when I dropped him off at his apartment that Sunday. We did the bullshit slow fizzle and that was that. I've heard from him a couple of times since then, but now I have a new phone number and I'm hoping to never lay eyes on him ever again. Good riddance, dickhead.

i never like race photos but this one is pretty great. i imagine i was thinking "no, YOU da man!"

I ran over the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time, which I thought was infinitely cool. 

But let's be honest, the most important thing that happened to me was that I gave myself a concussion on my car trunk. And then I puked on the floor of the emergency room. This is my life. This will likely always be my life. I wish I had a picture of me in the ER, but it's probably better that I do not. 

As a team leader for the Team LUNA Chix running team, I was invited to attend the summit that they hold every year on the west coast. Ladies from run, bike and triathlon teams from across the country come together for a weekend of activities, informative sessions and really, and made some great friends. But, the most important.. free Luna bars. So many free bars. Note to self: next year, bring an extra bag for all of the goodies. But really, it was an amazing weekend. I did early morning yoga, I ran up a legit mountain (and lived to tell the tale) and spent some great quality time with my friends, who I'm lucky enough to have as teammates. 

After Summit had concluded, we spent the day in San Francisco. We did a lot of sightseeing, and a lot of eating. I'd say it was 80/20 (eating/sightseeing), which is pretty much the perfect combination, if you ask me. 

Other notable April events: I finally learned how to change a tire, I spent a gagillion hours in church for my best friend's confirmation and got hit in the eye with holy water - confirming my theory that I am, indeed, the Christ-child.  I also didn't get picked for the lottery for the 2012 NYC Marathon. Good thing, since I didn't know that in a few months I'd be in a world of pain.

Things at work started to deteriorate. Rapidly. My boss changed the location for a hugehugehuge dinner four working days before the event. It was up to me to call every board member (did I mention that this is an international board?). I was told that I had to (not asked) come into work on the weekend to make the calls. I busted my ass to get that done, and when the event went flawlessly I didn't even receive so much as a "nice job". If only I'd known how much worse it'd get before I finally got the hell out of that toxic work environment.

I also Reached the Beach. The experience was more than I could have ever expected it to be. I had so much fun, ate a box of Cheez-its, got the worst sunburn ever (until the next worst one that I'd get a month later), ran up a mountain and made some amazing friends. I mean, if they didn't throw me out of the van for talking about poop and vaginas then really, what more can you ask for? Oh yea, I also ran about 20 miles throughout the relay. Soon after this, my knee went to complete and total shit.

makin' love to that box of cheez-its
twins. it's pretty obvious, isn't it?
my dirty little freaks - wrong in all the right ways
My knee decided to hate me. I had a mystery injury that no one could seem to diagnose. I went to two orthopedists and a physical therapist and nothing seemed to make it any better. The unofficial prognosis was hamstring strain but I was told that I shouldn't run. Actually I was instructed not to do most activities. As you can imagine, I was quite miserable. I dropped out of the Worcester half marathon as well as the NYRR mini-10k, which was such a huge emotional blow to me. I was in pain every day and no one seemed to know why.

Luckily I was pulled out of my black hole at the end of the month with a trip to Chicago to visit Elizabeth and Jess. I was basically drunk on delicious margaritas within hours of touching down, do these girls know me or what? I'd been once before, so I didn't need to do any of the sightseeing stuff. It was a fun and relaxing trip, and it was definitely exactly what I needed!

i am totally drizzunk in this picture, by the way
to be continued..

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