Sunday, December 18, 2011

week one

There was once a time where I was in great running shape. I could, on a whim, decide to run a half marathon and wouldn't feel like death. I also hadn't just had surgery and recurring knee and hamstring issues. However, those days have come and gone. Now I'm starting from scratch for the Hyannis Half that's at the end of February. It will be lucky #8.. or something like that.

Here's my week in review:

I should have run on Friday or Saturday. But.. I didn't. Oops. I also think I was a little ambitious today - ran (two mile to the start and then the Yulefest 5k - which I'll recap this week) and then about an hour and a half of climbing. I'm definitely going to try to keep my long runs on Saturday so that I'm not exhausted for climbing. But overall, I'd say it's a pretty good for week one.

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