Friday, December 2, 2011


I've been pretty active these days.. and the knee was feeling perfect! Well, until Saturday. I took a Core Fusion class (which was actually UH-MAZING) and there were certain exercises that just.. didn't feel quite right. It was mostly lateral movements, but I chalked it up to just being out of shape and sore. Fast forward to today, my knee is still hurting. And what's scaring me is that it's the same pain I was feeling when my meniscus was torn. So instead of panicking and throwing a chair out the window in anger, I decided to call up my chiropractor and make an appointment.

He did a lot of movement tests on my knee and is pretty sure that it's not my meniscus again. HOWEVER, my symptoms last time were so atypical that he can't say that without any certainty. He also assessed my right leg and said that basically everything from my hips and glutes to my calves are TIGHT. But only on the outer side, which he can't really explain. So he spent the session going to TOWN on.. basically everything. I jokingly said "Wow, I'm just a big ol' mess, aren't I?" and he looked me straight in the face and replied "For a 27 year old.. pretty much". AWESOME, right?

I'm trying to stay calm. I'm trying to tell myself that even I, the clumsiest bitch on the block, could not have re-torn my meniscus in this amount of time without some sort of an incident. I haven't fallen, knee hasn't locked - nothing like that. My chiro suspects that I have a biomechanical imbalance and that we need to find that and correct it. Once that's done, I should be pain-free. He made it sound so simple! Like, let's find this tiny needle in the huge ass haystack that is your body (yes, I just compared myself to dead grass) and then you'll be good to go!!

So, the next step is to have him continue to treat me, and also to have an evaluation with my physical therapist. I'm also not supposed to run until I see him on Wednesday. I also have the Santa Sightings 5k on the 10th and DAMNIT I am going to run that race dressed up like old Saint Nick. Mark my words. If we don't see improvement quickly, then he is going to recommend another MRI (although he called it imaging, which sounded way more romantic).

That's the story, folks. Please send some positive vibes my way, I could use them to hold me over until Wednesday. 

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