Friday, December 9, 2011

friday five

1. My knee is feeling a lot better right now. My right hamstring was a hot mess after Tuesday's chiro appointment, but that seems to have subsided as well. For now. My physical therapist's theory is that my flat ass feet are the root of all my problems. So I'm doing exercises to strengthen my feet, arches and ankles. My chiro thinks that activities involving torque are inflaming my knee/hamstring/calf. So basically, everyone has an opinion about what's wrong with me. I don't care who's right as long as I'm eventually pain-free. One good thing is that I was told that I don't need to cut out any particular activities right now, only to be really careful when I'm doing things such as lunges and squats. I can totally deal with that. For now.

2. I'm still all about the indoor rock climbing. The feeling of conquering a route that you were previously unable to do - it's thrilling. I'm just about ready to invest in some sneakers, a harness, and especially a chalk bag (so I can stop stealing from Lu). It's definitely a worthwhile investment. I demo'd new shoes yesterday and definitely noticed a difference in my climbing. It was so much easier to get a grip and wedge my feet into the holds.

3. Tomorrow I'm running the Santa Sightings 5k. I think I've mentioned it once or twice, probably because I was so excited that the race registration included a santa suit. I'm going to be running with Juls and Laura. Actually, my PT told me about the race and we're going to try to coordinate and meet up before. At my appointment the other day I asked if I was okay to run. When she said yes I laughed and replired, "Well, good. Now I don't have to hide from you at the race on Saturday!". 

4. I'm 9 days candy-free! Oh yeeeeeaa. My goal is to abstain from eating any candy for the month of December. So far, so good. Wish me luck for the holidays, I will definitely need it.

5. I came home on Wednesday night and my knee and hamstring were killing me. The pain was really awful, so I decided to take a percocet (left over from my knee surgery). I was chillin', chillin' just minding my business (get the song reference?) and I soon realized that my iPhone was nowhere to be found. I ripped my apartment apart before collapsing into a heap of screaming tears on my floor. My phone ended up being in my friend's car. Moral of the story: don't take percocet. Or, maybe it should be don't lose your phone. Either one works.

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