Tuesday, December 6, 2011

craftin' and brunchin'

I was browsing Etsy the other day and came across some really neat race medal hangers. I was thisclose to buying one when I realized, HEY! I could totally make that myself. So, I asked Emma, Danielle and Ashley to join me for some craftin' and brunchin'. We spent an absurd amount of time at the craft store discussing our plan of attack, and then went back to devour a delicious brunch. I ate my weight in bacon, but it's cool - it's from Whole Foods, which means it's good for you, right? Oh, and what would a brunch be without some mimosas? I know how to treat my ladies:

It was nice enough to be outside, so we set up a drop cloth (EXCELLENT CALL) on Emma's back porch and went to work. My wood was quite porous (snort giggle) so it took at least three coats of paint before I felt satisfied enough to start with the stenciling.

Hello Mr. Mimosa!
Because I was impatient (story of my life), I didn't wait long enough for the paint to fully dry and therefore it was difficult to get the stenciling right. I also am terrible with spacial relationships so I was just sort of throwing the letters down and hoping it would all fit. The spacing was a little wonky, but it worked out well enough!

Emma was kind enough to measure and drill the holes for my hooks. She was probably afraid I'd drill a hole through her deck. I cannot say that I blame her, considering how much paint I managed to get on myself in the process of this project. Once the hooks were in, we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed over each other's brilliant work.

They're not perfect, but I LOVE how each one reflects our personalities. Maybe we could have purchased better looking ones on Etsy, but it wouldn't have come with the mimosas! We laughed. We listened to music. We got paint EVERYWHERE. We used power tools. It was epic. And now I'll always have this to remind me of my race accomplishments and of the wonderful day:

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