Monday, November 28, 2011

new york state of mind

I'm going to apologize in advance for the length of this blog entry. Being succinct is not one of my strengths (actually, I don't even try at this point). You probably don't need to know every detail about the weekend, but I'm going to write it anyway because, well, that's what I do. Enjoy. 

I had such a wonderful time seeing my family and friends in Queens this past weekend. Normally I'm only home for a couple of days, so there's no time to do much of anything. But I took Wednesday off so I wouldn't be stressed or hit holiday traffic. I left at around 10:00am and it was smooth sailing down to New York. I spent Wednesday night shopping and hanging out with my family, and eating bagels. Because it's impossible for me to enter the Empire State without consuming a million calories in straight up carbs. Oh, and I also got my eyebrows done. I was actually ordered to get them done by my mother. Well, at least they look awesome now. Who needs pride when you've got awesome arches?

Thursday morning I was up bright and early to run the Garden City turkey trot with my friend Meredith. This is the third year I've done the race and the second we've done it together. I definitely overdressed. Mostly because I had my insane father telling me how cold it was outside. Filthy liar. I was sweating like a whore in church the entire time! Luckily I had some good company to keep my mind off of that fact. The race wasn't exciting enough for a full race recap, but we managed to finish in 51:30. Last year's time was much faster, but then again, last year I hadn't been 3 months post-op from knee surgery.

Thanksgiving with my family was hilarious, as per usual. A quick rundown of the afternoon: My aunt discussed her trials and tribulations on J-Date. My grandmother may or may not have been stoned from one of her many prescriptions. Oh, and my poppy tried to sneak attack me with to check my blood sugar. Seriously, I turned around and he was stealthily heading my way with a needle in his hand. I'm sure you're asking yourself why, but really, in my family it's safer not to ask any questions.

Friday I spent the afternoon catching up with my best friend, which was wonderful. It always is. Then I got my hair did, which wasn't traumatizing -- thank goodness. I went to the stylist who cut my hair for the first 21 years of my life. I knew that she wouldn't steer me wrong. I also did some shopping and managed to avoid being pepper sprayed or punched. Although a woman did rip a sweater right out of my hands at the Gap. I may or may not have yelled "It won't look good on you anyway!". Oopsies.

Saturday was an super fun and very long day in the city. I started off with an awesome Core Fusion Cardio class with my Dori before heading off to Century 21 for some more shopping. That was a huge mistake, by the way. I'd like to think that I'm rather used to crowds, but I was so anxious and stressed the entire time that I ended up buying this god-awful bag that my mother is going to return for me. Seriously, I brought it home and my mother's reaction was "NO. Just.. No". I spent the evening with two great friends. We took funny pictures of ourselves, ate until our pants felt tight, and laughed until we couldn't breathe. Perfect.

Sunday was spent with Mamadukes. We went shopping, where she helped me pick out sunglasses, and another purse that didn't make either of us want to puke. Then I headed into the city with her to do some shopping for her business. I didn't end up leaving New York until 7:00pm and of course I cried like a big baby when I did. Most days I just live my life and I'm happy. But then when I spend time with my family and friends in Queens, it makes me realize what I miss by living 200 miles away.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Any insane family stories? Any good Black Friday hauls? Or tell me about how you cope with living far away from your families so that I feel like less of a crybaby.

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